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Get unlimited free legal music downloads right now from the web's fastest and totally free mp3 downloads site. All our music tracks are from trusted legal music resources and hence you can download all of them to your computers without fearing any legal issue. Our music download software is 100% legal and compliant with the United States copyright laws.

We use time shifting technology to legally download free music files to your computers. You're not violating any copyright law while using time shifting technology to download music. All these music tracks are hosted in our dedicated servers and you're downloading them directly from the servers with the highest download speed. You need not worry about any music copyright issue as we use time shifting technology to record and download the music tracks.

This software is designed purely for extracting free legal music downloads from our store and is NOT another file sharing program. Also, it does not contain any malicious program like spyware, malware or viruse. You'll get only super fast free mp3 downloads directly from the world's fastest cloud servers. Our servers use state of the art cloud computing technology to make your downloads the fastest.

Our online music store contains mainly public domain music, royalty free music and music files with creative commons licenses. This software can download all of our tracks to your computers in few seconds. We've around 15000 royalty free tracks and 4 Million tracks with creative commons licenses in our store. Plus, this software can legally extract audio tracks from YouTube music videos and download them to your computers in mp3 format.

YouTube has billions of music videos, but no one knows which file is copyrighted or which one can be downloaded. Our music downloads program uses Time shifting technology to legally record all the high quality videos. Then, extract the audio portion from these music videos to convert them in to mp3 file format. All your downloads will be in mp3 format with 320 kbps audio quality. We use Format shifting technology to legally convert all these videos to mp3 files. Altogether, we've around 12 billion media files to download, including the 4 Million totally free mp3 tracks in our store, plus videos, movies, TV shows, radio channels and games filtered by our software. All these files can be legally downloaded to your computers using Space shifting technology.

How Do You Want to Use the Tracks in Our Music Downloads Store?

  • Only Want to Listen to Music Online? Use the music players on our Home page and 45 music genre pages designed based on the music genre/country. We've 15000 royalty free tracks and thousands of public domain tracks on all these music genre pages. You can enjoy all of them as online streaming music (Totally Free MP3 Music Online)

  • Want to Download Only Free Public Domain Music? Then, use the music download player on this page (Totally Free MP3 Downloads)

  • Want to Listen and Download Our Entire Music Library? Listen and/or download unlimited tracks (4 Million Creative Commons tracks directly from our Cloud servers + 12 Billion legally filtered mp3 tracks using time/space/format shifting technologies) - Download our state of the art music download software ($34 for Lifetime Access)

We don't have a per song fee or monthly subscription free to download music from our store. It costs you only a lifetime subscription fee of $34 for 12 billion free mp3 downloads. You've nothing to lose as we've a 60 day full money back guarantee. You'll get a full refund without any questions, if you are not 100% satisfied with our service. You'll get 24x7 live customer support also with your download.

Compare Us With Other Popular Music Download Stores:

We're the largest online music store with a total of 12 billion tracks which is more than the total number of downloads available in the next 5 major online mp3 music download sites together. This is the best mp3 music store as you'll get unlimited number of totally free legal music downloads for life.

You can use the below table as a handy tool for comparing the most popular online music stores. The total number of tracks and the audio quality of these tracks are the main features make us the number one choice for music lovers.

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
MP3 Rocket 12 Billion $34 for life-time Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
Google Play 20 Million $9.99/Month $0.69, $0.99 or $1.29 Yes 320 kbps 21 countries
iTunes Music 28 Million No subscription $0.69, $0.99 or $1.29 Yes 256 kbps 116 countries
Amazon Music 20 Million No subscription $0.69, $0.99 or $1.29 Yes 256 kbps USA, UK
Rhapsody Music 16 Million $9.99/Month $0.99 No 256 kbps USA
Spotify Music 20 Million $9.99/Month Only subscription No 320 kbps 55 countries
Rdio Music 20 Million $9.99/Month Only subscription No 256 kbps 51 countries

Compare MP3 Rocket with Other Free MP3 Downloads Programs

How is Our Music Downloads Program Different from Other Music Download Stores?

  • Free - There are so many other music downloads websites offering free music tracks. Most of them have extra charges for burning the downloaded tracks to external storage mediums, CD/DVDs, mobile phones or to your car music player. We don't have any hidden charge or extra charge for burning the downloaded tracks. All your downloaded tracks are completely free to use for ever.

  • Legal - There are only very few legitimate free music download programs online. You'll be in trouble for violating the copyright laws if you download tracks from them. On the other hand, our music download software is 100% legal as it is designed using time shifting, space shifting and format shifting technologies. You may visit our Copyright info page for more details.

  • Fastest - We use world's fastest cloud servers to deliver you the fastest music downloads possible. All the background processes of time/space/format shifting will happen in seconds and your music downloads will be completed in seconds. Also, our inbuilt "Download Accelerator" program will allow you to download multiple tracks simultaneously without affecting the download speed.

  • Number of tracks - We have 4 Million Creative Commons tracks, 15000 royalty free tracks and thousands of public domain tracks in our store. Other than this, our music download software will give you access to 12 Billion free mp3 downloads using the time/space/format shifting technologies. No other online music store offers 12 Billion music tracks.

  • Audio quality - All our mp3 tracks have 320 kbps audio quality, this is the maximum audio quality possible for any music track.

  • Viruses/Spamware - Our music download software will never install any malicious program while you use it. Also, there won't be any annoying pop-ups while you enjoy the music.

100% Free Legal Music Downloads - $34 for Lifetime Access:

You can use our software to browse the entire net and download only copyright cleared tracks. Simply type in the name of your favorite artist or title, you'll get music tracks you would like to listen to. You can preview all the tracks before downloading them. 

Let's check iTunes and Amazon music stores. They both are popular online mp3 music stores. With iTunes you are basically renting songs. Downloaded songs won't play anymore once your subscription period is over. You need to renew your subscription to play them again or purchase each single track for $1. Amazon also requires you to purchase the songs or renew the subscription to use your downloaded songs.

What happens to the tracks you download with our software? You get the songs forever for free once you download them to your computer. Also, you can copy them to your mobile phones or burn them to CDs for free. Please make sure that you're using them only for your personal use as anything other than the personal use is a violation of the fair use provision of the copyright laws.

Simply install the software to your computer and start your absolutely free music downloads, right now. Below is a screen shot from our music download software interface.

Free MP3 Music

Our MP3 Music Downloads Store Includes:

You can listen to music directly from our online music player (which is on our Home page and 45 music genre pages on this site) without downloading the tracks to your computer. Or, you can install the music download software and get unlimited free access to our entire library of music.

Other than free mp3 downloads, you can use this software to download videos, movies, radio programs, TV channels and games also. You'll get access to over 30,000 movies and TV channels, around 1,000 Internet radio stations, and more than 1,000 PC games.

Free MP3 Music and Video Categories:

Free MP3 Music Downloads:

* Christian/Gospel
* Country
* Dance/Techno
* Easy Listening
* Hip Hop
* Latin
* Oldies
* Other
* R&B
* Rock - Alternative
* Rock - Classic
* Rock - Pop

Free Music Video:

* Music Video - Country
* Music Video - Hip Hop
* Music Video - Latin
* Music Video - R&B
* Music Video - Rock Alternative
* Music Video - Rock Classic
* Music Video - Rock Pop
* Sports
* TV Shows/People

Benefits with Our Free MP3 Music Downloads Program:

  • Unlimited access to 12 billion free mp3 downloads
  • No fee for downloading individual tracks
  • You can download multiple tracks at the same time
  • Get songs from your favorite singers and artists
  • Full length songs and entire albums
  • HD DVD quality mp3 tracks
  • Fastest music searches
  • All your downloads will be free and legal
  • Free CD burning software with the installation
  • Compatible music format for all androids, other mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players, computers and CD players
  • Fastest downloads
  • Easy to use software interface
  • No spyware, adware or viruses
  • No pop-up advertisements while listening to music
  • Easy software installation
  • Friendly 24 x 7 technical support
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

We have over 50 Million subscribers around the world. Join millions of happy users who are currently enjoying our free mp3 downloads, movies, radio/TV channels, games and much more!