Play Free Music from Streaming Music Sites:

Want to play free music online? Come and enjoy free music from the most popular streaming music sites.

Streaming music means you can listen to music without downloading the tracks to your computer. You will be able to hear the music online as it arrives at your computer. As the music is playing, more data is received in your computer and you would be able to enjoy flawless music from your computer.

Streaming music sites offer you a huge collection of live music which you can listen via your Internet browser. We've around 12 billion tracks in our online music player in different music categories. You may install our music download software to get unlimited free access to our entire library of music.

1. Grooveshark - Free Online Music:

Grooveshark is a popular free streaming music service. They've around 22 million tracks in its store. They're using a social networking infrastructure to bring together music fans, bands and record labels. Their community based approach enables you to see other users' favorites and play lists. Their service is the best for music lovers who would like to share their own music and listen free music online.

Grooveshark - Play Free Music Online

2. Spotify - Free Streaming Music:

Spotify offers legal access to a huge database of free streaming music. They use minimal advertising to make their service free. Spotify allows you to browse their entire database by song name, artist, album or genre. They've around 15 million DRM-free tracks in 320 kbps sound quality.

Spotify - Free Streaming Music Site

3. Myspace - Play Free Music Online:

MySpace allows you to play free music via streaming technology. Registered users can create playlists and share them with others. All of their tracks can be downloaded in MP3 format. Myspace social networking platform provides detailed artist profiles and better music suggestion features and thus making it one of the best free streaming music sites on the Web.

Myspace - Play Free Online Music

I'll add more free music tracks in our music store whenever available online. Please visit our music download store to get all our latest music tracks.

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