Play Free Music from Streaming Music Sites:

Want to play free music online? Come and enjoy free music from the most popular streaming music sites.

Streaming music means you can listen to music without downloading the tracks to your computer. You will be able to hear the music online as it arrives at your computer. As the music is playing, more data is received in your computer and you would be able to enjoy flawless music from your computer.

Streaming music sites offer you a huge collection of live music which you can listen via your Internet browser. These sites offer only online music and don't have any music downloads. These sites are helpful for music lovers who are looking only for online streaming music without any downloading. Some are completely free music websites, and some cost you a nominal charge for subscription.

Free Streaming Music Sites - Rdio, Spotify & Myspace - Comparison Table

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free - Try Now Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
Rdio 35 Million $4.99/Month Only subscription No 320 kbps 51 countries
Spotify 20 Million $9.99/Month Only subscription No 320 kbps 55 countries
Myspace 27 Million Free Free Yes Bit rate varies Everywhere

1. Rdio - Free Online Streaming Music:

Rdio is an advertisement free social music website. Rdio has the best social and music discovery features in the industry. With Rdio, you can listen to more than 35 million tracks from major record labels. Rdio mobile applications allow full streaming access while online, and you'll have access to your full collection while offline.

Rdio is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Rdio is putting together the best technology to discover, collect, share and play music and thus making it one of the best legal music streaming websites in the world.

Rdio is offering a free streaming music service without commercials. The free service provides a limited amount of free music each month. However, they have a subscription plan, which provides unlimited access from computers and mobile devices. Rdio offers unlimited on demand access from web and mobile phones for $10 per month, while web only access costs $5 per month. All their tracks are DRM free with 320 kbps streaming audio quality.

Rdio - Play Free Music Online

2. Spotify - Free Streaming Music Online:

Spotify offers legal access to a huge database of free streaming music. They use minimal advertising to make their service free. Spotify allows you to browse their entire database by song name, artist, album or genre. They've around 20 million DRM-free tracks in 320 kbps sound quality.

Spotify - Free Online Streaming Music Site

3. Myspace - Play Free Music Online:

MySpace allows you to play free music via streaming technology. Registered users can create playlists and share them with others. All of their tracks can be downloaded in MP3 format. Myspace social networking platform provides detailed artist profiles and better music suggestion features and thus making it one of the best free streaming music sites on the Web.

Myspace - Play Free Online Streaming Music

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