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Here you'll find thousands of electronic music tracks and its sub-genres, electro music, techno music and electronica music from our music store. We're the largest electronic music downloads store available online. You may listen to some of these tracks from our online music player or download our entire library of music to your computers, mobile phones or mp3 player devices.

Electronic music is composed of electronic musical instruments or by any electronic means such as digital synthesizers, computers or music making software. Its main sub genres are electro, techno music and electronica music.

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Want to listen to free legal electronic music tracks from Skrillex, Bassnectar, M.I.A. or Armin van Buuren? We've thousands of free tracks from many well known artists and bands like Depeche Mode, Die Antwoord, The Prodigy, Los Amigos Invisibles and many others. Our online music store has a huge collection of free legal music tracks from them, which you can download to your computers, portable MP3 devices or mobile phones for free.

Listen to some of our royalty free electronic music tracks online before installing our music download software to download the tracks.

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We've 4 million creative commons tracks in our music store and all of these tracks can be legally downloaded to your computer for free. Also, we've thousands of royalty free, copy left and public domain tracks which can be downloaded to your computers, androids or MP3 players in the highest download speed.

As you know, there are millions of music tracks in YouTube and similar music video websites. Our music download software records the audio portion of these videos and convert them in to mp3 files. You can use these mp3 files in your computers, mobile phones and portable MP3 players. We've around 12 billion free legal tracks from these video sites. We're recoding only HD videos and hence all your downloads will in 320 kbps audio quality.

Our software uses timeshifting technology to legally record any online music video and download them to your computers in mp3 format. Music downloads using time shifting are considered as fair use in the United States copyright laws. Hence, you can download all these tracks legally without violating the copyright laws.

Electronic Music Downloads for Commercial Use:

All tracks downloaded from our music store can be legally used for all your personal private use. But, you cannot use them for any commercial purpose like playing the music on a stage. You may use any of the following stores to download free music for commercial purpose. Free Music Archive (FMA) has thousands of free legal electro music, electronic music, techno music and electronica music tracks in their store. Most of their tracks are in 320 kbps and are available for a cheap price for commercial uses.

Free Music Archive - Electronic Music Downloads:

The Free Music Archive is a legal source for free music tracks including free electronic music downloads. All tracks are offered by well known radio stations and artists. This site is directed by the WFMU radio station and all their tracks are available here for free download. You will get tracks from popular record labels and other radio stations in many countries. Also, you can visit the respective artist pages and check their tracks to get more information about their other works, albums, tour schedules etc.

Free Electronic Music Downloads

Free Electronic Music Radio Stations Online:

You can listen to free electronic music from online radio stations also. You need not download the files to your computer as you can listen to them online. Below are some of the online radio services with a better audio quality than many other online radio stations. - Free Techno Music and Electronica Music:

The scrobbler tool inbuilt in can capture the musical tastes of its listeners and suggest more tracks based on this. can offer lots of free electronic music tracks. The scrobbler software needs only a high speed Internet connection to bring you the music you love to listen to. - Free Techno Music and Electronica Music Online

Shoutcast - Free Electronic Music Online:

The shoutcast software can broadcasts your music tracks for the Internet users. They've lots of Internet radio stations in higher audio quality which can be played from your computer or any MP3 player. They can stream live electronic music from different online radio stations.

Shoutcast - Free Electronic Music Online

AOL Music - Free Electro Music and Electronica Music:

AOL has lots of music videos and music albums in its store. The most preferred music player application for AOL music is Windows Media Player. You'll find hundreds of electronic music tracks here.

AOL Music - Free Electro Music and Electronica Music Online

I'll add more free electronic music tracks from major music companies whenever available. Please continue use this page for all your free electro music download requirements.

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