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Want to download free new age music online? We are the largest new age music downloads store online. We have thousands of free online new age music tracks available for listening and downloading. New age music is a music style that is extremely soothing and is used majorly for meditation and yoga. This is because of the ability of these songs to create a joyful, relaxing mood. They are known to handle positive, peaceful themes and hence, it can be used for healing too.

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We host thousands of legal and free new age songs from popular artists like James Last, Roland Hanneman, Enya, Eric Nordhoff, Yanni, Jim Brickman, Paul Cardall and more. Our online new age music player has a large collection of songs from world known artists as well as bands including Mannheim Steamroller.

Listen to some of the randomly chosen new age music tracks here and experience the audio quality of these tracks before installing our music download program.

Free New Age Music Downloads from Our Online Store:

Our New Age Music download program can give you access to lots of free music. We have secured about 10 million music tracks in 320 kbps of audio quality at our store. Our music download software can download them all to your computer. Moreover, this program lets you download music from YouTube and other online video sites. These tracks can be freely used for all your personal purposes without any issue of copyright violation. They all use time shifting technology for complying with the fair use provisions of copyright laws.

New Age Music for Commercial Use:

You can get unlimited new age music from our music download program but they can be used for personal uses only. You cannot use them for commercial purposes. For this, you may need to visit any other commercial online store like Artistdirect which contains lots of free online new age music downloads that can be legally used for commercial purposes.

Artistdirect is a service that lets artists expose their works by sharing and noticed by big labels. This site hosts music from various indie artists as well as unsigned bands in different categories of music. These can be listened to for free and shared with others. You can also purchase the tracks that you want to use for commercial applications.

ARTISTdirect - Download New Age Music for Commercial Use

New Age Music from Internet Radio Stations:

One can listen to streaming new age music using online radio stations too. For this, the tracks need not be downloaded to the computer. Using a good Internet connection, one can listen to constant streaming music online. Radio services like Shoutcast and offer great quality and better speed than others. - New Age Music Radio Station:

This radio service is capable of recording the songs you play and use them for suggesting you more songs to listen. It also has inbuilt social networking tools that keep track of your music interests to get more recommendations for you. - Listen to Free New Age Music Radio Online 

Shoutcast - New Age Music Radio:

One can browse the Shoutcast collection for any kind of music genre from across the world. This service is very simple to use and allows easy selection of your favorite category. You just have to click a button to start listening to the music.

Shoutcast - Listen to Free New Age Music Online 

I'll add more free new age music tracks in our music store whenever available from major music recording companies and artists. Please visit this page frequently for all your new age music download requirements.

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