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This is surely one of the largest collections of free alternative music you can find anywhere. Here you can listen to the music online or even legally download all the tracks to your computer without spending anything! Yes, it’s totally free!

The origin of Alternative rock is from Punk Rock in the 1980s and became popular in the nineties. The alternative rock genres encompass variety of rock styles like indie rock, gothic, grunge, shoegazer, brit-pip etc. The major contributors to this genre are the indie artists of 1980s who wanted to try some experiments with the mainstream music.

Normally, all experimental and non-commercial rock music styles are categorized as alternative rock. Mostly these include social issues and are in guitar genre. Our music library has huge number of free alternative music from almost all popular alternative rock playing musicians.

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We have a collection of hundreds of alternative rock tracks from famous bands like Nirvana, Duran Duran, Green Day, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Linkin Park, Coldplay, R.E.M., Nickelback, etc. Besides, top tracks from popular singers like Alanis Morissette, Skrillex, Bryan Adams and many indie artists from all over the world can be found in here. You can legally listen to all the tracks and even download them freely without bothering for copyright issues. All the tracks in our library are either royalty free or are covered under creative common licenses. Thus you are free to download these tracks into your computers or mobile phones and will face no legal issues whatsoever.

We present for you here some of the free alternative music tracks which are selected randomly from our online music player. While listening to these numbers, you can feel the sublime musical experience. All these tracks are hosted in our storage servers which can be downloaded in your computers in just few seconds.

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Would you like to instantly download all the alternative tracks available with us to your computers? The music download software can help you to download these tracks to your computers in a jiffy. You can download and listen to these melody tracks at your convenience from your computers or mobile phones or your MP3 players. We have over 15000 royalty free tracks and 4 million tracks with Creative Commons licenses in our database. Besides, we have huge collection of  billions of copyright free files from online videos resources.

The royalty free tracks and the songs covered under creative commons licenses can be downloaded to your computers without any legal hassles. Further, you can also use them for commercial purposes, subject to the requirements mentioned in the creative commons licenses for the particular track.

Our superior quality music download software can also record live Internet broadcasts in HD quality. It can then convert these recorded videos to mp3 format and download them to you computers. Consequently you get the highest quality of audio experience from the download. Since our download software is compliant to the fair use provisions of copyright laws, you need not be anxious about any copyright issues.

We use the latest “time shifting” technology to record videos, “format shifting” to convert the video to mp3 format and “space shifting” to download these tracks to your computers. Our music download software has been programmed to filter only the legal mp3 tracks from the online video resources. Thus only the legally permissible downloads are available in our site. Mind you, there are billions of files available in online video sources viz. YouTube but no one is sure which is legal or which is not !

Compared to other music download stores, the downloads here will be at least 20x faster since we use the latest download accelerator program.

Free Alternative Music for Commercial Use:

There are various different music sites which offer alternative music. Some popular music stores like Amazon and iTunes have their specific charges for per song or have subscription packages for customers. The music downloads from our site can be for personal use only. These tracks cannot be used for any commercial purposes since it will be a violation of fair use provisions of copyright laws.

We will like to mention here the following music stores which provide thousands of tracks for commercial use. Most of the tracks there are free for personal use and can be purchased if you wish to use these for any commercial purpose. These musical sites are legitimate free music stores and free music can be downloaded legally from these sites. Further, compared to other music stores, tracks to be used for commercial purpose can be purchased at cheaper rates here.

The music stores mentioned here may provide you good quality alternative tracks but may not have the tracks from many popular mainstream artists. Most of these stores have collections of indie artists and unknown bands to fill their racks. In order to find the tracks of your choice, you may have to browse for long time. Some of the music stores may have the collection of popular tracks with decent audio quality but their download speed would be very slow and below par.

We have reviewed the pros and cons of the music stores mentioned here and recommend only the best ones to download free music for commercial use.

SoundClick - Free Alternative Songs Downloads:

The Soundclick store is highly popular among both music lovers and artists. It has thousands of tracks in alternative music. The site allows the artists to upload, share and promote their music for free. In return, artists get free user profiles and unlimited storage space on registering with them. The registered artists have the option to upload any number of songs at the site without any charges. The audio quality here is very decent; you can listen or download tracks for free for personal or commercial use. However, some artists here charge small fee to be paid to them for their music when used for commercial purposes.

Download Free Alternative Music from SoundClick

MadeLoud - Free Alternative Songs Downloads:

Madeloud is another popular music store which provides a social platform for artists and music lovers to share and enjoy music. The artists can upload their music here for free and fans can listen or download these tracks. Registration is free here and the artists get unlimited space to upload their music. The site also allows you to sell your music here, if you are an artist. While listening or downloading these tracks for personal use is free, you may be required to pay a small fee for some tracks if used for commercial purposes.

Download Free Alternative Songs from MadeLoud

Free Alternative Music Radio Stations Online:

If your Internet connectivity speed is fast, you have the option to tune in to online radio stations which broadcast free alternative music. These radio stations are recommended for music lovers who do not wish to record the tracks. The flip side of the music here is its below par audio quality. Since these radio stations cannot afford high bandwidth required for superior audio quality, the music quality suffers.

Over 1000 radio channels broadcast music in decent audio quality which can be connected by installing our software. You can also check these radio stations if you do not wish to install our software. The below mentioned radio stations have above par audio quality broadcasts for you to enjoy quality streaming music. - Free Alternative Songs Radio Station: is a popular free online music radio station for music lovers. They regularly broadcast alternative rock alongside other music genres. The user interface of this radio station is very easy to use and helpful in finding the choice song. The station also uses special song suggestion software which recognizes your music preferences and brings you more similar tracks like the ones you prefer.

Listen to Free Alternative Songs from Radio

Shoutcast - Free Alternative Songs Radio Station:

Shoutcast is a prominent free online music radio service which has thousands of stations streaming free music. It is considered as one of the best online music radio site by the lovers of alternative rock. You can search and select any song of your choice by typing the name of the artist, album title or genre. This is available mainly from US besides other select countries.

Listen to Free Alternative Songs from Shoutcast Radio

AOL Music - Free Alternative Rock Radio Station:

AOL music is another preferred online music station with huge collection of free alternative music tracks, videos, news and other similar tit bits. The inbuilt software at AOL radio can find the details of tracks you are playing currently and create a playlist based on these details. Although you have the advantage of playing AOL music directly from your Internet browser without installing any software, the commercial ads between the tracks is found disturbing by most listeners.

Enjoy Free Alternative Music from AOL Music

I always endeavor to add more and more free alternative music to our store as and when available from other music companies. You are requested to visit the page frequently to see the updates and for all your music download needs.

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