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This site has large store of free blues music from where you can listen to free online music or you can also download these music files by using our music download software. Blues music is mainly originated in the southern areas of the United States. The sorrows of African American people are described in these songs. These songs are generally based upon sadness and depressions. In the start blues music was made by acoustic guitar and banjo and then electric guitar was used for it in 1940s. After that it also gained importance among the white people also. Now, this music becomes the most popular one. You can get a relaxing mood by listening to these songs.

Our Online Free Blues Music from Different Artists:

We've added a good collection of legal and free blues music from famous blues artists like Robert Johnson, B.B King, Bessie Smith, Otis Rush, Duke Ellington, and many other artists. We also have royalty free license and creative commons license. You can download them without the fear of any legal issue.

Download Free Blues Music from Our Music Store:

There is about 10 million tracks that you can download from our site and almost 12 billion online tracks from video websites like YouTube. We use audio converter software for converting video tracks of different websites into audio tracks. It is legally allowed to convert these video tracks into audio files as we use time shifting technique to do the conversion.

Download Blues Music Audio Files for Commercial Purposes:

You can download all kind of music tracks from our website but you cannot use these music tracks for any commercial purpose because it is not legally allowed. For commercial purpose you may check any of the following listed music stores.

Soundclick - Free Blues Songs Downloads:

There is a large number of music tracks in soundclick.  Many well know artists always remain attached to soundclick to promote their music among listeners. A large number of users from all over the world are registered there. Online blues music can be enjoyed by all music lovers. For commercial purpose one can buy their music tracks in cheap price.

Free Blues Music Downloads from Soundclick

MadeLoud - Free Download Blues Music:

You can register here as an artist or as a music fan. Artists can upload their music and fans can listen, review or share these music tracks with their friends and family. You can also purchase some of these blues music tracks for the ringtones and music CDs.

Free Blues Songs Downloads Online

Free Music Archive - Blues Music Downloads:

From free music archive you can download all types of blues music tracks. There is also a link with each music track to their respective singer’s home page. In this way you can also get information about the work of your favorite artist. If someone wants to use these tracks for commercial purpose then the artists are paid for it.

Blues Music Downloads for Free

Free Blues Music Radio Stations Online:

If you are using fast internet connection then you can also enjoy music from online radio station. As you know, the audio quality of online radio stations are not always 320 kbps, but the below radio programs are really worth to check. They surely give you high quality audio. - Listen to Blues Music Online:

Enjoy blues music from radio. Just type the name of an artist, it will take you to the respective artist's page containing a list of similar tracks/artists. If you want you can listen to their music also. music/artist recommendations are made by their inbuilt software named scrobbler.

Listen to Blues Music Online

Shoutcast Radio for Blues Music:

By using Shoutcast, you can listen to blues music free of cost, which is broadcasting blues music from many different radio stations.

Free Blues Songs Radio

AOL Radio Provides Blues Music:

As compared to other radio stations AOL has very high audio quality. Also, they've albums, reviews, lyrics etc. Slacker program is used to give powerful features to the AOL radio service.

Blues Music Downloads for Free

I'll add new blues music tracks in our music store whenever available from major recording companies. Please visit this page frequently and get all our latest free blues music downloads.

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