Fair Use and Music Copyright Laws in The United States:

Is this website working in compliance with the music copyright laws? How can we provide you free legal music downloads in line with the United States copyright laws?

We use timeshifting concept to make all our downloads completely legal in line with the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. Fair use is a provision under the copyright laws which allows anyone to use publicly broadcasted copyrighted works for personal use. We record HD quality live Internet broadcasts (MP3 music, music videos, movies, radio, TV channels and games) by using timeshifting technology and then convert them into 320 kbps mp3 tracks by using format shifting. Then, we use space shifting to legally download these tracks to your computers for free.

Audials software is working in compliance with the fair use provisions of the United States Supreme Court's decision in the Betamax case. As per this court rule, you're allowed to record live television shows and view them at a later time as per your convenience. The same rule is applicable for live Internet broadcasts also such as online music videos. Recording online music videos for the purpose of time shifting, format shifting or space shifting is fair use and does not constitute any copyright infringement.

Time shifting can be used to record a public Internet broadcast (like the videos from the YouTube) to view them at a later time.

Format shifting can be used to convert media files from one file format to another. (eg., converting YouTube videos to MP3 files)

Space shifting can be used to save the files from one storage medium to a different storage medium (eg., copying files to your computer hard disk, CDs or MP3 players)

This is helpful for watching TV programs and radio shows at a later time as per your convenience. The same concept is applicable also for Internet broadcasts including online radio, TV, music and movies. Internet broadcasts can be recorded to any storage medium (in other words, can be downloaded to your computers) to play them later at a more convenient time for you.

Our music downloads software is designed in line with the Betamax court rule and can get you millions of free mp3 downloads. Audials software allows you to view, listen or download any online mp3 broadcast to your computers, mobile phones or portable MP3 players.

Wiki Article on Time Shifting/Format Shifting/Space Shifting and Music Copyright Laws

Audials music download software works completely in line with the fair use guidelines of the United States music copyright laws. On the other hand, file sharing (P2P) music downloads programs are illegal as they save the recorded files in a centralized server to distribute them to user PCs.

Our music download software does not use File sharing at all. This program can capture free legal music tracks from so many online music resources (mainly YouTube) using Time shifting technology and transfer them to your computers or mobile devices using Format shifting and Space shifting technologies. It is the most reliable music downloading program available online for your personal use. You will get 100% legal, totally free and unlimited music downloads for life. Also, you will find more than 30,000 free movies, videos, TV channels, radio stations and games for immediate download.

Time Shifting Music Downloads for Your Personal Use:

Providing free music downloads in line with the music copyright laws has been a big challenge even for the big players in the music industry. Napster had to close their store on the grounds of copyright infringements. Big names such as Yahoo and AOL also had to close their music download stores with the arrival of iTunes and Google play music.

We've come up with a new concept for downloading free music online. Our music downloads program allows you to search the whole Internet in seconds and legally download any media file to your home computer or mobile devices using timeshifting concept. It allows you to use all the downloaded tracks for your personal use in line with the fair use provisions of the music copyright laws.

Please note that you cannot use these music tracks for any commercial use. You may need to buy the tracks from a commercial music store, if you want to use them in your commercial projects. You'll get a clear idea on what you can and can't do with the tracks from our Home page. Following are the main benefits with this software:

  • Download free legal music from the fastest music downloading program
  • Preview and download YouTube music videos as MP3 files
  • Easily transfer the tracks to any mobile device with a single click
  • Capture free music from almost any Internet broadcast
  • 320 kbps audio quality which is same as of a store bought CD

The United States Music Copyright Laws - Fair Use Guidelines:

  • Don't make more than one copy of a particular music file
  • Don't share or give away the downloaded music files to the public
  • Remember that the downloaded music file is only for your private use

Audials software is designed purely as a free music download tool and NOT a file sharing or peer-to-peer site. Our users are able to legally download free MP3 music, music videos, movies, radio/TV shows and games without fearing any music copyright law.

We use time shifting technology to record free music tracks from Internet broadcasts including YouTube and other online video sources. Our music download software can legally extract only the audio portion of the video files (converting videos to mp3 files) using the format shifting technology. Then, the software legally downloads these mp3 files to your computers using the space shifting technology.

Other than these tracks which are extracted by the software (around 12 billion for your personal use), our music store has 10 million tracks which you can use even in your commercial projects. This includes millions of tracks with creative commons licenses, 15000 royalty fee tracks, public domain tracks, copyleft music and many tracks from unsigned bands. All these tracks can be legally downloaded to your computers for free and in line with the music copyright laws.