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Do you like funk songs? We've a wide range of free funk music downloads available in our music store. Funk is basically an African American rhythmic style of dance music originated out of jazz, soul and R&B. Funk songs generally have heavy drum sound and bass guitar in the forefront while playing down the melody. Funk is a term representing soft, groove, slow music accompanied by simple song structures and complex rhythms.

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We feature the largest online store of legal funk music. At our store, you can find thousands of licensed funk tracks from various popular singers. We have secured funk tracks from talented artists including James Brown, Rick James, George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Chaka Khan, Bootsy Collins and other Indie artists. We also have free funk tracks from bands such as Parliament Funkadelic and others.

Listen to some of the carefully selected funk songs from our online music player.

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If you would like to download all your favorite funk songs to your computer, it is possible right now by installing our powerful music download software. With this software, you get the chance to download unlimited legal and free funk songs from our online store.

Keep away from using P2P file sharing software to download free music! Most of the music tracks you get from P2P file sharing sites contain copyrighted works and hence you cannot use them legally.

We do not use P2P file sharing for music downloads. Instead, our music download software makes use of format shifting, time shifting and space shifting technologies for legal download of free online music tracks. We offer a large collection of free legal songs at our music store. Moreover, our software is capable of filtering copyright free tracks out of online videos from YouTube and other video sites.

Free Funk Music Downloads for Commercial Use:

At our online music store, you can download unlimited number of free funk tracks but they can be used for personal purpose only. If you need to use funk songs for any commercial purpose like playing for a stage show, you require buying the tracks from any commercial store. One of the good music stores for purchasing funk songs at cheap price for commercial usage is MadeLoud. - Free Funk Songs Downloads:

At, you can register for free and access unlimited funk songs without paying any membership fee. As it is not legal to use any copyrighted song downloaded from the web for commercial purposes, this website is really useful. It allows artists to upload their tracks to share and promote their works. These tracks can be downloaded for free and used legally. If at all, any user purchases the track for commercial purpose, the artist gets paid for it. - Free Funk Songs Downloads

Free Online Funk Music from Internet Radio Stations:

You can listen to free funk tracks online from Internet radio stations. It is not necessary to download the files to your computer in order to listen to them. Internet radio station is a nice option. You just require a good Internet connection to listen to online streaming music. - Free Funk Songs Online: is a free online streaming radio service. features a large collection of funk music. You can also find thousands of tracks belonging to other music genres. It offers a good streaming quality and is one of the best Internet radio services in the world. - Free Funk Songs Online

Shoutcast - Free Funk Radio Music:

Shoutcast radio is working almost like a traditional radio. You can switch between different radio stations so that you can listen to your favorite programs. Shoutcast features numerous radio stations across the world. You get the ability to select from more than 50,000 internet radio stations to enjoy your favorite funk tracks.

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