National Anthems of All the Nations of the World:

In our music site, you can get access to hundreds of different national anthems which belong to different countries.

A national anthem of a country is not only a symbol of its independence but is a matter of great pride for its citizens. The national anthem is composed with great care, ensuring that all the ideals and principles which run the particular nation are incorporated in and conveyed to the world through the national anthem. It is obvious that the national anthem is the most important song for the country. Accordingly, the music composed for the national anthem is also done very carefully and with great precision. 

The national anthem of each nation, whether you actually understand the wordings or not, is a song worth hearing. It may be difficult to find the national anthem of each individual country on the internet. However, with our music software, you can easily browse and find the national anthem of any country that you wish to listen to.

Composition of the National Anthems:

The national anthem of each country is unique to the nation’s culture and practices. Generally the music composed for the national anthem consists of the traditional musical instruments which are native to that nation. However, in recent times, many differed covers of national anthems have also been developed by giving the music a modern touch. Many a times, the national anthem is played only through music without the actual words. This is generally done during sports events when the music of the national anthem takes precedence over the actual words.


Listening to the national anthem of a country is a great way to find an insight into the culture of the country and what that country believes in. Moreover, the music of any national anthem is such that it is sure to incite feelings of patriotism in you, even if you are listening to the national anthem of a country other than your own. It may not be a very run of the mill hobby to listen to a national anthem, but it must be given a try. Our website is the most convenient way of finding any national anthem. All you have to do is browse through the various options and choose the national anthem of any country that catches your attention.

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Hundreds of Countries, Hundreds of Anthems:

It is a known fact that each country has its own national anthem. You can either listen to the songs online or even download them on to your device without worrying that the audio quality of the downloaded version will be in any way inferior. Downloading songs is speedy, legal and hundred percent free. YouTube videos of national anthems can also be converted to MP3 formats through our software.

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