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Do you like to get free German music downloads? We are the largest German music store online. has the largest collection of German music available online. This collection has almost all songs that were released till to date. You may either listen to them online or download all the tracks to your computers for free.

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We've mp3 songs from all your favorite German singers. You can listen to music from famous music composers to the hip rocking tracks of the new generation. Our online directory includes tracks from almost all German artists, including brilliant composers Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Richard Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Schubert and so many other new artists and bands.

The tracks listed are top notch in terms of quality and are totally legal and royalty free. These tracks are protected under the creative commons license, making them fully legal for personal use.

Free German Music Downloads from Our Music Store:

We have an online directory of over 10 million legal songs at our online store. These tracks are all available for download for free. We offer faster downloading over our competitors because our tracks are hosted on our dedicated cloud servers, which enable them to download faster as compared to tracks hosted on computer servers. All of the tracks have audio quality that are on par with the quality of a music CD, which is 320 kbps.

We also offer our own music downloading software that can extract over 12 billion free legal media files from video hosting service such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Yahoo, etc. This allows you to have millions of audio, video, movies, TV channels, radio stations and even games at a simple click of your mouse pointer. All of the downloads are free and legal because of the format shifting and time shifting technologies that is used by the music downloading software.

Our music downloading software can also convert and extract any portion of a video, a full video or even just the audio of a video and downloads it for you to take it for viewing later or on the go. No need to waste your precious 3G or 4G data or looking for Wi-Fi connections nearby as you can listen to these tracks even while you are not connected to the Internet. These files can be downloaded directly to your computer or mobile device and is compatible with almost all mp3 players.

Free German Music Downloads for Commercial Use:

The files downloaded can only be used for personal use and not commercial use. Adding the music to a commercial project, nullifies the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. For commercial use, you can always purchase the track from any of the music stores listed below. Songs on these websites are available for cheaper as compared to other commercial music stores.

Free Music Archive - Free German Songs Downloads:

FMA (Free Music Archive) is a huge online store with free German songs with creative commons licenses. The usage of these music files vary with the type of the license associated with each of these files. Most of the files can be downloaded to your computers for free. Some of these files are available even for commercial purposes for free. You may need to pay a small amount to the artist for other files which you want to use in your commercial projects. You can use all these files without fearing copy right violation issues.

Free Music Archive - Free Music Downloads for Germany 

IMSLP - Free German Songs Collection:

The International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) is an online public library that caters to music lovers everywhere. It is a free public domain directory where music is available for free use. Most of the tracks on the website include famous composers, which can be searched by typing the composer’s name. Here, you'll find a lot of free German music tracks for immediate download.

IMSLP - Free German Music Downloads 

Popular Free German Music Radio Stations:

You can listen to German songs from online radio stations also. With a fast internet connection, you don’t have to rely on downloading tracks manually, you can simply stream them online. has numerous German radio stations listed in their directory. - Listen to Free German Radio Music: is a free music radio service in the US, UK and Germany. Users from other countries need to pay €3.00/month for the subscription. is an online radio station with a vast collection of music tracks in their online directory. It is easy to use by simply searching the name of the song or the artist to listen to the track. - Listen to Free German Songs Online

I'll add more German songs in our music store whenever available from major recording companies. Please continue use this page for free German music downloads.