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Marching band music is a form of band music and was performed in ancient times for festivals and celebrations in different forms. Various marching band troups across the world are based on these forms of band music. This type of music resembles the military parade performed by musicians using musical instruments.


Marching band is used generally in military parades and occasionally at other places like college and school campuses, festivals, institutions, games, celebrations, etc. In marching band music, a number of musicians gather in rows and march with the music rhythm. Musical instruments like drums, brass, percussion instruments and others are used in the performance.

Band music also plays a vital role in the personality development of kids. When kids participate in marching bands, they learn playing music in team. Moreover, they learn important qualities like multi-tasking, respect and discipline in group-work.

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We have secured a large number of free legal band music from famous artists including Michael Colgrass, Wareen Benson, Aaron Copland, Beethoven, Ross Lee Finney, Ingolf Dahl, Grainger, Lubos Fiser, Holst, Karel Husa, Hindemith and other music performers. These tracks are royalty free or copyright cleared and can be downloaded to your computers for free. They have been paid for and you can listen to or download these tracks without fearing any copyright violation issue.

Our music player offers you some randomly selected marching band tracks in the highest audio quality.

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Now it is possible to download a large number of band music tracks to your mobile phones, MP3 players and computer. Our online music store has about 10 million free tracks in various music categories. Our music download software is capable of converting online videos to MP3 files and lets you download them to your computer for free. Our software offers you CD quality music in various styles of music including marching band.

All our downloads have 320 kbps of audio quality and our software downloads the songs 20 times faster than other programs.

More Resources for Free Band Music Downloads:

To download our collection of marching band music, you need to install our download software. The following band music collections are also worth to check.

United States Army Band - Military Band Music:

The United States Army Band offers support for the American troops based in different parts of the world. They also work with general public to improve the relationship between public and army. They have formed small groups to perform in different countries. These performances of band music provide great moral support for troops and relieve them of tension during their duty. The website gives access to the large collection of band music performed by United States Army bands in different parts of the world. You can start listening to the band music tracks with the click of a button. It is also possible to download all of the songs to use for study, research or performance.

Listen to U.S. Army Marching Band Music

Historic Band Music Collection:

The historical collection of band music from the Library of Congress can be downloaded to your computer legally. This collection consists of various styles of music including the band music from civil war era. They also have manuscript and printed music from the U.S Library of Congress. They work for making the historic performances available to general people. It is possible to legally download any of the music files from those listed. They belong to the public domain and can be downloaded for free as there are no copyright restrictions.

Free Band Music from the Library of Congress

I'll add more band music tracks in our music store whenever available from major music companies. Please visit this page frequently to get all our latest marching band music downloads.

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