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Popular Spanish artists like Julieta Venegas, Gustavo Cordera of Bersuit, Ricardo Arjona, Celia Cruz, Alaska, Ana Belen, Nino Bravo, Montserrat Caballe and many other indie artists and bands are included in our collection. You can legally download the tracks of these legends to your computers for free.

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All music downloads from our site are subject to personal use only. The commercial use of these tracks will violate the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. For commercial use of these tracks, these can be bought from any of the following commercial stores. These stores offer thousands of free music tracks and also have the facility to sell the tracks for any commercial projects. The rates charged by these stores are considerably cheaper compared to other similar online stores.

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Free Music Archive website provides the choicest collection of Spanish songs which can be downloaded for free without worrying about any copyright law infringement. You just have to type the name of an artist of your preference or track or genre. Download these files to your computer and listen at your leisure. You can even share these with your friends. The excellent sound and musical quality of the tracks are ensured by their efficient sound curators. You can also purchase tracks from the site by paying a nominal fee and then use it for your commercial projects legally.

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This Internet music archive store contains around 1 million free digital music files and they're frequently adding more tracks in their store. It contains almost all forms of music including concerts, oldies music, live programs, poems and much more. Most of these files are available for free download. You may need to purchase the tracks to use them in any commercial project. Also, there are tons of free Spanish songs available for commercial videos and movies. - Free Spanish Songs Downloads

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Listening Spanish songs from online radio stations is another good option for music lovers having high speed broadband Internet connection. Instead of downloading the songs to your computer, you can directly listen to the songs via Internet., a renowned online music radio station, streams music at an impressive 320 kbps audio quality which accounts for its exceptional musical quality. It has lots of popular Spanish tracks to suit your tastes. - Listen to Spanish Songs Online:, which is a popular online music radio program, has several inbuilt features for the benefit of music lovers. It plays your favorite tracks and can also suggest more tracks similar to your music taste. If you register with you can make use of its social networking features also. You can share your playlist with others and can also enjoy music from other users’ playlist. - Listen to Spanish Music Online

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