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Are you in the verge to get good instrumental music download for free? Do you want to stream some good instrumental beats online? This site is the largest online store for instrumental music. Music without lyrics or vocals is considered as instrumental music. These tracks are produced by musical instruments that are real and not instruments that are electronic.

You may visit our electronic music page to listen to electronic music. Also, we've a dedicated Piano player and a Guitar player on our piano and guitar pages.

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We've hundreds of thousands of free instrumental music tracks in our database. Many leading and popular musicians have given us their tracks which we have fed onto our database. We've obtained so many tracks from artists like James Last, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Marco Sfogli, David Guetta, Yasuharu Takanashi, Gary Hoey, Paul Gilbert and so many other popular artists and bands.


You can sample some of our leading tracks in order to ascertain the quality of the tracks that we offer. Our music library will be easily downloadable after you have installed our software for music download.

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Different music licenses come with our music collection. Most of the tracks that we have come with creative commons license. There are many tracks from unsigned bands, royalty free tracks and public domain beats. Nevertheless, you can legally download all of these tracks to your computer for free without fearing any copyright issues.

Our music download software can filter any audio file that are found on video sites like YouTube. This will enable you to download free instrumentals from different websites. You will simply have to download our software for downloading music in order for you to gain access to approximately 10 million free instrumentals.

Free Instrumental Music for Commercial Use:

All our tracks are 100% legal and completely free to download. These tracks can be downloaded for all of your personal uses. However, you cannot use them to perform in public. Many free music stores offer different features and benefits to their users. Some of these stores are designed to help artists to advertise their works and at the same time music lovers can enjoy those tracks for free. Some of them offer only streaming music and they don't offer music downloads. We need to check the number of tracks, the audio quality of their tracks, the download speed etc., before downloading from them. Following music stores are the most reliable commercial services when compared to other online music libraries.

MadeLoud - Free Instrumental Music Downloads:

Many websites that offer music that can be used for public performance are found online. One of such music store is MadeLoud. You just have to pay a small amount to the artist in order to use those tracks for commercial purpose. MadeLoud has a good music selection. You can share and listen to music on this platform. Copyright does not allow sharing tracks when you use our music download software since it will be a violation of the copyright laws. MadeLoud provides the right platform when you need to download music for commercial use and in order to share with friends and family. When someone purchases a track for commercial use, artist gets paid. - Free Instrumental Music Downloads

Free Instrumental Music - Online Radio Stations:

You can listen to free instrumental beats from online radio stations without downloading the tracks to your computers. These stations are fit for those who need only to stream even though it does not have the 320 kbps quality when it comes to audio. Shoutcast and are the only radio stations that meet the above description. - Free Instrumental Beats Online:

If you want to listen to instrumentals don’t hesitate to log on to It also has a social networking platform. They've thousands of free instrumental beats to listen online. They offer a good online radio music service worth to check. - Free Instrumental Beats Online

Shoutcast - Free Instrumental Music Radio:

Shoutcast music service can broadcast instrumental music from thousands of online radio stations. They broadcast music from around 50,000 radio stations in many different music genres. Thus the genre you might be looking for will definitely not miss here.


Shoutcast - Free Instrumental Music Radio

I'll add more free instrumental music in our music store whenever available from major recording companies. You may visit this page more often for all your free instrumental music download needs.

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