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It often happens that we listen to a song which catches our attention at a friend’s house or on the radio and when we want to listen to that song again, we are not able to find it. Well, with our music software you would never again face the difficulty of not being able to locate your favorite hit sounds. Our huge collection of music tracks includes the top songs from all genres and of artists across the ages. Right from the classic rock of the 60s to the modern day hip-hop, jazz, country, punk, the list is endless.

Moreover, with our music download software, it is even more easy to find the song you are looking for through access to the numerous internet radio channels. You can directly download the song, record the audio as individual songs or even enjoy free access to the media center which allows you to have your favourite music and videos at your finger tips any time and any where.

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If you have ever been in the situation when all your friends are going crazy about the latest hit song by your favourite artist and you are the only one who has not heard it, you will know how embarrassing and awkward that can turn out to be. But, our website will take care that you never have to face such a situation. Not only can you get access to the latest hit sounds but you can also browse through our endless collection of songs to find even a song which was a big hit ten years back. You can find your favorite songs irrespective of the fact which genre you are searching for. There is no music genre which has been missed by our music download software. It is simply the be all and end all of music lovers who see our software as the first and best option for easy browsing and downloading of their favorite soundtracks.

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There are a number of features to our music download software which have made it such a big hit among the internet users. The biggest benefit is that the entire browsing experience and even downloading is completely free of cost. Moreover, the downloading is legal so that you wouldn’t have to worry about piracy etc. Unlike many other software, our music software ensures that the audio quality remains the same whether you are listening to the song online or downloading it to listen after you go offline. Another added benefit is that you can even download videos from YouTube and convert it to any format that suits your device with the help of our software. Ultimately, you not only get what you want with respect to the music you were searching for, but the entire experience is extremely smooth and hassle free.

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