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You are at the right place to get free Christian music downloads online. We provide you online Christian songs that is free and downloadable. Spiritual life of a Christian is often expressed through Christian music. Ceremonial services and worship are the various places which Christian music is used. All music praising Jesus Christ is all included.

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We have been legalized to have various Christian songs from popular artists around the world. We've hundreds of free and legal Christian music tracks from well known artists like MC Hammer, Yolanda Adams, Larry Norman, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Bob Dylan, Kirk Franklin, Rich Mullins, Johnny Cash, Bill Gaither, Carman, etc., and bands like Petra and other indie music groups. Indies music is also found in plenty and they come under royalty free or creative commons licenses.

Some royalty free online Christian songs can be accessed through our platform. The audio quality that you will be able to get from our music player is the highest (320 kbps). You'll be able to legally download them to your computers by installing our music download software.

Free Christian Music Downloads from Our Music Store:

Download our entire music store for free! Mp3s can be legally extracted from online video stores by using our music download software. Various genres of music can be downloaded to your PC. Mobile phones, mp3 players, and computers are all compatible to our legal and free music. 320kbps is the quality of all audio music in our library.

It is worth noting the fact that you are not allowed to use this music for commercial purposes but only for private and personal entertainment. You will be violating copyright law if you use this tracks for commercial purposes.

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Our entire music library is accessible by installing our software for music download. The downloads must essentially aimed to be used only for personal entertainment. Do you intend to use them commercially? If you do, the following music stores can be of great help to you.

Christian music is being offered for free by many online music libraries. Many copies have been directly obtained from artists and thus they are copyrighted. Other online libraries might prove expensive as compared to the following music stores. You can use these tracks for any commercial purpose for example editing/recording or stage performances.

ARTISTdirect - Free Downloads for Christian Songs:

Songs comprising of different genres from different artists can be easily attained here. You can use the name of the music genre or the name of the artist to browse the whole music store. The music store has a lot of Christian music. You can free download these tracks or purchase them for commercial use.

Free Christian Music Downloads from ARTISTdirect - Christian Music Downloads Online:

You are enabled to have your own profile which allows you to create your own playlist. You are able to share songs with relatives and friends in a legal way. You either download the music or you can listen to it for free.

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Online Radio Stations for Free Christian Music :

If you want to listen to free online Christian music without having to download the tracks, you can use any of the following radio stations to stream these songs. Most radio stations do not attain the 320kbps audio quality mark. The following online radio station has the stipulated quality. You are able to stream only if your Internet connection is fast. - Free Christian Music Radio Online: is a music service that is a social networking site. In order to start using this service one has to be registered first. You can share your playlist with relatives and friends because you are able to create one when you have registered. Christian band details, artist profiles, videos and songs are all there. - Free Christian Music Radio Online 

Shoutcast Radio - Free Christian Music Online:

Shoutcast radio has thousands of Christian stations that you can listen to. The bit rate of the music quality or the music genre enables you to sort the radio stations in its entirety.

Free Online Christian Music from Shoutcast Radio

More music is added whenever they are produced. When major recording companies release new Christian music you are guaranteed that you will be able to get it in this webpage. Therefore frequently check this site for all your latest free Christian music downloads.

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