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Do you like to download free French music? For the French music lovers, offers a wide collection of French music, songs and artists for downloading that is FREE and completely LEGAL! We have a great collection of French songs that have been released till date, which you can listen online or even download the songs free of cost. France is the country of lovers and our French music collection includes songs that best describes love.

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We also offer a lot of tracks that you can listen online without downloading. You can surely experience the highest quality of music we offer prior to download the entire music library to your computer. Our library includes artists from all genres of French music industry including big stars such as Edith Piaf, Vanessa Paradis, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Juliette Greco, Gilbert Becaud, Stephane Grappelli, Georges Brassens, and many other popular artists and bands.

Please listen to some royalty free French songs from our online music player and experience the musical and audio quality of these tracks for yourself.

Download Free French Music from Our Music Store:

Our online directory consists of more than 10 million music tracks that are available for legal download. All of these tracks come in CD quality which is 320 kbps and can be downloaded directly to your devices. The tracks are downloaded faster compared to other music websites because all the music files are stored on our cloud servers, which allow it to download comparatively faster.

Also, we offer a music download software that is easy to use for people of all ages. The downloading software can legally filter mp3 files from YouTube and other online video sites. We use Time shifting technology to make these music downloads completely legal and in line with the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. All of the songs can be downloaded to your computer and can be transferred to any MP3 players including iPods and even smart phones.

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All the available tracks in our music store are free and legal but only if they are downloaded for personal and not for professional use. If used for professional or commercial use, the tracks nullify the creative commons license and become an illegal download. If you want to download free French music for commercial purposes, they can be bought from any of the following online music stores.

Free Music Archive - Download Free French Songs:

The free radio station WFMU has a lot of French songs available on their online music store – Free Music Archive. The store was developed as a means of providing free legal music to music lovers everywhere. They have a team of online audio curators that select and publish music online with the permission of concerned artists. The curators are also responsible for checking the audio quality before publishing. They include French music from various other stations and label recording as well as popular French artists - all with the required permissions. They may charge a small fee for using the music but is cheaper compared to other online commercial music stores.

Free Music Archive - French Songs Downloads for Free

Deezer - Popular Music Service in France:

Deezer music service is a popular French music service that has more than 7 million tracks and around 4 million users who are registered from all around the world. The company offers an inbuilt radio feature that allows users to search for music using the name of the artist or the song. This is one of the most popular websites for DRM free music and provides users with full access to their favorite songs and even shares a part of the advertising revenues with the artists.

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If you have a broadband Internet connection, you can listen to streaming French radio music stations instead of downloading the music files to your computer. has thousands of free french songs in their store. They've a better streaming audio quality than many other French radio services. - Free Online France Music Radio: allows users to stream their favorite French music without having to worry about downloading tracks or wasting GBs worth of space. Users can listen to the music online and even share their music with others. The user’s profile shows their favorite songs, artists and even which music they are listening to. Additionally, the software of can even recommend music based on the songs that you listen to often.

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I'll add more French songs in our music store whenever available from major music recording companies. Please visit this page frequently to download free French music of your taste at any time.