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Want to listen to African music? offers you the largest collection of FREE African music for listening and downloading. The website has one of the biggest online music stores for African music lovers all around the world.

Free Access to Over 10 Million Songs: has over 10 Million songs that cater to the African music lovers everywhere. The best part? All the tracks are LEGAL and FREE! The directory of legal music is ready for download or online streaming. Songs can be downloaded directly to computers, music players and even smartphones.

Popular Songs and Artists:

The website hosts a variety of popular artists and bands, including various music genres from the classical to the tribal and to even pop songs. Famous artists that be found include Ayub Ogada, Salif Keita, Youssou N'Dour, Fela Kuti, Papa Wemba, Thione Seck, Geoffrey Oryema, Baaba Maal, Johnny Dyani and many more.

Listen to Our Free Online African Music Player:

All of the tracks that are available on the website can be downloaded for free and these tracks can also be heard via online streaming. The website offers free MP3 player that can be used to download the songs directly to your computer. The player can also be used to listen to African music tracks. Some tracks are listed on the website for testing the quality of the music and songs available in the store.

Download Free African Music from Our Music Store:

You can download all the songs available on this website for free to any music device of your desire. The music downloader software offered on our music store can be used to download a video, a portion of a video and even just the audio off any website with the video. The downloader uses a time shift technology to legally download the songs to your computer.

This software is available for free download on our music store and takes about 2 minutes to install the software in any computer. This software legally converts any online video to MP3 files of the highest quality (320 kbps) in just a few seconds.

Personal Use vs Commercial Use:

Here’s the catch to all the free music. The tracks that are downloaded can only be used for personal use and no commercial use. The songs can be downloaded unlimited number of times and are completely legal as long as they are for personal pleasure. If used for the commercial purposes, the songs void the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. If you want to use the songs for commercial use, they must be purchased.

Free Music Archive - Free African Music Downloads:

The songs can be purchased for cheap at the Free Music Archive (FMA) online music store. The FMA has a large online music directory that has thousands of popular African music that allows free download for personal use and cheap purchase rates for commercial use. It offers lower rates compared to iTunes and even Amazon.

Free radio station WFMU is the brains behind the FMA online music store. The files that are uploaded on the website are published under the creative common licenses, which means no pesky letters from the Piracy Department. However, the licenses ensure that the files can only be used for selected reasons, commercial not being one of them.

Free Music Archive - Download Free African Music - Listen to African Music Radio: allows users to listen to African music tracks online without having to worry about the hassle of downloading the music. All the need is a high speed internet connection to listen to high quality audio files. The player is also designed to recommend more songs and artists based on the music that the people listen to. - Listen to African Music Radio Online

I'll add more African music in our store whenever available from major music companies. Please continue use this page for all your African music download requirements.