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Do you want to get access to free rap music downloads? We are the largest free rap music store online. The Rap music is basically same as the hip hop music, but it is having the rapping element in it. It is actually initiated in 1970s from the African Americans to prompt their miseries in a rapping style. In the rap music the lyrics are typically not sung, however they are frequently spoken with background music. These music tracks are extremely rhythmic and are a mixture of funk, soul and rock music genres.

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We have free and legal rap music from famous singers like R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, Barry White, Lionel Richie, Rihanna, Usher, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera and many more well known and indie artists. We also have the top quality rap tracks from popular artists and bands like Destiny's Child. Here you can download all of the music tracks legally for free.

You can also listen to some of the casually selected songs from our online rap music player. All of these songs have 320 kbps audio quality. And the best thing is that you can download all these tracks 20 times faster compared to all other music download services available online.

Free Rap Music Downloads from Our Music Store:

Do you want to download music of your favorite rappers? We have more than 10 million free songs in our music library. Our software can free download all of these songs to your computers. Moreover this software allows you to download legal and copyright free music from YouTube.

This amazing music downloading software can get audios automatically from any YouTube video and rightfully download them to your computers. You can still use them while being offline even if you aren’t connected to the Internet. It works using time shifting technology to make all the downloads totally legal.

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Our music downloads can only be used for your personal use and they can’t be used for any marketing or commercial purpose. We use time shifting technology to ensure that our music downloads are totally legal and obeying the standard United States copyright laws. If you want to use them in any marketing or commercial projects, then you must purchase them from any other commercial music store. The music download stores present below provide cheaper rap music as compared to other famous music download stores like Amazon and iTunes.

ARTISTdirect - Download Free Rap Songs:

Artistdirect is a public rap music store. They provide songs, music and videos which you can use even commercially. Moreover you can get all the latest news of music and related information. You can become a member here and you can give your comments on the tracks and music and review them.  You can also share your opinions about it with other members.

ARTISTdirect - Download Free Rap Songs for Commercial Use

Free Rap Music Downloads From MadeLoud:

It is a place where Artists upload their tracks and music, and utilize it as an advertising system to get more listeners for their music. Their Fans and listeners can enjoy free rap music from many famous and hidden indie talents. There is a free and unlimited storage space of music for artists and bands with the aim of that they can upload as much songs as they want. Mostly the tracks here are free to download. However if you want to use the songs for commercial use, you would pay a small amount to the artist.

Free Rap Music Downloads From MadeLoud

Free Music Archive - Free Rap Music Downloads:

The Free Music Archive provides free and legal rap music tracks to download to your PCs. It is developed by the famous radio station, “WFMU”. Here you can download all of it’s radio tracks and also the great music from a team of popular curators all over the world. They allow you to download all the music tracks for personal use only, however if you want them for commercial use you have to check the copyright details. You can also contact the curators and artists through the social media tools present on their website to purchase the tracks.

Free Music Archive - Best Rap Music Downloads for Free

Free Rap Music - Online Radio Stations:

If you have a high speed Internet connection, you can directly listen to the rap music online for free without downloading them to your computers. Following are the most famous rap music radio stations present online. They are providing an improved streaming speed and great audio quality as compared to all other online radio services. - Free Rap Music Radio Online:

With you can listen to your desired and favorite rap songs and albums online for free. The scrobbling tool hold onto the current song you are playing now and offer more recommendations on the basis of your played song. It also delivers online radio music and some other mp3 songs to be downloaded. - Listen to Free Rap Music Online

Shoutcast - Listen to Top Rap Songs Online:

It is the best and top quality radio music provider with tons of other great features. It has a high quality and high speed streaming and this service is working online for many years till now. And the best thing here is that with the help of its Shoutcasting software, you can also make your own music radio station. They provide live online rap music of high quality from thousands of free Internet radio stations. It is both Windows and Linux friendly.

Listen to Free Rap Songs from Shoutcast Radio

AOL Music - Free Rap Music Online:

The AOL music platform is perfectly designed for the radio music and its home page displays the best tracks that you would love to listen to. They use the scrobbler software to recognize the music you are currently playing and based on them, they also provide you more similar tracks to enjoy.


AOL Music - Free Rap Music Online

We will bring and add more free rap music in our music store when they are available with major music recording companies and artists. You can utilize this page for free rap music downloads.

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