Free Australian Music Downloads Online:

Free Australian music downloads? That’s right! It’s free. Are you fan of Australian music and musicians? Well, look no further as has the world’s largest collection of Australian music. The website features almost all music released by Australian musicians till date.

The website offers more than one way to listen to your favorite music. There are two ways to listen to songs on this website; either you can stream it online or you can directly download the music to your hard drive or computer. The best part is, all the tracks are legal. So you don’t have to worry about a letter from the Piracy Department of your hometown coming to your doorstep anytime soon.

Famous Australian Musicians:

The website features legal music from the good old days to the latest hip churning tracks. We've got a huge collection of free legal tracks from popular Australian singers such as Nellie Melba, Tommy Emmanuel, John Farnham, Joan Sutherland, Olivia Newton-John, John Williamson, Paul Kelly, Johnny O'Keefe, Slim Dusty, and many more.

Over 10 Million Songs to Listen to:

The online store has over 10 million musical tracks that are available for download in mp3 format, which means they can easily be synced to phones, tablets and various other devices without having to change the format of each track manually, which is a grueling task to say the least.

Does it mean that the website foregoes on sound quality? Not at all, we have an online music player on all music genre pages of our website. You can listen to each track before downloading it. All of the music that is available on the website is royalty free and of perfect sound quality.

Free Australian Music Downloads from Our Store: also offers a downloading software. No more hassles with downloading various software or going through numerous ad-ridden websites to download music that you love. No more worries about downloading viruses from shady websites and wondering how to access YouTube videos offline. 

This software can download any part of a YouTube video, it can also download whole videos, partial videos and even just the audio from the video. All of this is also legal because of the software’s ability to use time shifting, format shifting and space shifting technologies to download the music. These technologies ensure that downloads do not violate any copyright laws.

If you are a busy body with absolutely no time on your hands for sifting through music lists and manually selecting each track to download, then you can opt for the full download. This basically means that you can choose to download all of the tracks that are available on the website.

The website includes Royalty Free Tracks, over 4 million Creative Commons music, Public Domain music and much more.

Download Australian Music for Commercial Use:

However, here is the catch. All of the music that is listed on the website can only be used for personal use, which means you cannot reproduce this or even add it to your commercial website. For that, you will have to purchase the tracks.

Stores such as Free Music Archive (FMA) allows users to buy Australian music for commercial use at around $1. FMA is a music store that has a lot of Australian music, much of which are files from the free WFMU radio station. In addition to all the famous Australian tracks, the website also acts as a platform for launching local artists. The website hosts music from the local community, where users can upload their own musical tracks and share them with everyone.

Free Music Archive - Free Australian Music Downloads

Free Australian Music - Internet Radio Stations:

We are no longer bound to local gadgets to fulfill our needs. With the Internet, everything has become easy – including listening to the radio. If you do not want to go through the process of manually downloading music or don’t have the space for it. You can easily listen to music online using Internet radio stations such as The website allows you to stream the radio station on your computer, all you need is a decent Internet connection. - Listen to Free Australian Music Online

More tracks are always added to the page, as and when acquired from the recording companies. So, you will never have a shortage for free Australian music downloads.