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Do you want to get unlimited access to free UK music downloads? Or, are you a fan of British music? We have the largest collection of UK music for you to download from our online music store. We have almost all British music tracks in our store and is updated to date. You have the option to listen the tracks online or can legally download all these tracks to your computers for free. With the help of our online music player you can listen to some of the royalty free tracks from this page or proceed to download our music download software to access our entire music library.

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We have over 10 million free legal music tracks in our music store for you to download. You can also extract any audio portion of your choice online music video using our music download software and store it in your computer. Moreover, you can choose from over 12 billion media files which are recorded from live Internet broadcasts. These can also be legally downloaded to your computers, mobile phones or MP3 players for free. Thousands of music tracks from legendary British artists like Phil Collins, Billy Idol, Elton John, George Michael, Ed Sheeran and popular bands like The Smiths, Oasis, The Beatles, The Clash, The Jam, Queen, The Script, Wham, The Who, Radiohead, The Wombats and Pink Floyd are available in our music store.

A large section of these music tracks hold creative commons licenses which can be legally downloaded to your computers and used for personal purpose. Some of the tracks are royalty free music. We have already paid the royalty fee for these tracks and they can be legally used for your projects for free. The remaining tracks are already under public domain which can be legally downloaded by any person for free. However, these tracks cannot be used for commercial purposes since the commercial use violates the fair use provisions of copyright laws.

You can listen to some of the randomly selected royalty free UK music tracks here and experience the superior audio quality of the tracks in our store.

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Load your smart phones or MP3 players with free UK music downloads. Stop wondering whether you are legally allowed to download online music tracks to your computers. Undoubtedly, YouTube is the top rated online music video resource on the net. Our MP3 downloads software legally download any online music track (including YouTube) directly to your computers, smart phones or MP3 players.

Our store uses a state of the art technology viz. time shifting, format shifting and space shifting to make the downloads absolutely legal. The recording of live Internet broadcasts is done using time shifting. Then, these recorded video files are converted to mp3 format employing sophisticated format shifting technology. When these tracks are downloaded to your computer, it is done through space shifting technology. The use of these conversion technologies do not cause any delay in the downloads.

Importantly, our latest technology equipped download accelerator program makes the downloads at least 20X faster than downloads from other online music stores. The downloads will be in 320 Kbps audio quality since we record, convert and download only 320 kbps Internet broadcasts.

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All the music downloads from our music store are covered under fair use provisions of the copyright laws. Any commercial use of the downloaded tracks will be violation of copyright laws and therefore are for personal use only. You are required to purchase the tracks if you intend to use them for commercial purposes. For commercial use, tracks can be purchased from any commercial music store of your choice. However, most of the tracks in the following commercial stores can be downloaded for free and can also be purchased for any commercial use. These tracks are cheaper compared to other music stores like Amazon or iTunes.

Free Music Archive - Free UK Music Downloads:

WFMU is a popular and free radio station which started Free Music Archive (FMA) store. This store is a social music website which aims to make free music downloads available to music lovers. The store has of a healthy collection of free and legal UK music downloads. The British music lovers can enjoy tracks from popular UK artists for free. While they are regularly adding new music tracks to their store, they provide lots of tracks for commercial use as well.

Free Music Archive - Free UK Music Downloads Online

MUZU.TV - Free British Music Video Downloads:

Muzu is another popular free music video website where the music lover can watch, upload, download and share music videos. Muzu gives the viewers access to over 85000 music videos at its site. Here you can also follow your favorite artists and find other people with similar musical tastes. Muzu is funded through advertisement revenue and a part of the ad revenue is shared with bands/artists to support them.

MUZU.TV - Free British Music Video Downloads

Free UK Music Radio Stations Online:

The UK music lovers can also tune in to live music from online British music radio stations. If you have fast Internet connection, you can listen to streaming music tracks directly from your browser without caring to download them to your computers.

BBC Radio - Top British Music Radio:

BBC radio service requires no elaborate introduction as it is regarded as one of the premier radio music service in the world. For years, BBC maintains strict quality standards to ensure that the listeners get the top quality music experience. The soothing and quality broadcasts from BBC invariably uplift the mood of British music lovers.

BBC Radio - Top British Music Radio - Listen to Free British Music Online: is a popular community based online music service with host of interesting features for the music lovers. Based on your music preferences, your profile is made with the types of tracks you are listening. You can also see the choice of other listeners and make friends with them besides looking into their playlists. has a huge collection of UK music tracks in their store with 320 kbps audio quality.

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We will continue updating the store with more British music tracks as and when they are available from major music recording companies. Please visit this site regularly for free UK music downloads.