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You like to get free Indian music downloads? Indians are known for their ability to dance at every festival, be it Diwali or a wedding. Now, you can listen to the most popular Indian songs and download it all for free from It is the largest free Indian music store on the Internet. The tracks are available for online streaming and downloading, as per your preference. You can download all of them to your computers, mp3 players or mobile phones for free.

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The website features thousands of songs from sensational Indian artists that are famous worldwide such as Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar, AR Rahman, Dr. M.S. Subbalakshmi, Asha Bhosle and many more. The website has a variety of genres including regional music, classical, and even pop music.

The following tracks are available for you to check the music quality of these tracks online before downloading. We provide users with an easy music download software that they can use to access our entire library of music, which includes over 10 million media files, of which 4 million are free songs.

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Want to get free Indian music downloads from your favorite singers? You can download thousands of tracks from almost all Indian singers.

The downloader is also programmed in such a way that allows users to convert any music videos from video hosting websites such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Yahoo, Facebook and others into legal MP3 songs. The music is compatible with all players on Windows, Macs, MP3 devices, and even smart phones.

The software can also filter songs from these video hosting websites and play them on your devices, allowing you access to unlimited Indian music on any device of your choice.

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If you don’t have the space to download files or do not like the hassle of downloading and waiting for it to download, well then online websites such as Raaga and Groove shark allow you to listen to these tracks on their website for absolutely free. These websites offer lots of nice Indian film songs online. You may visit any of these sites to listen to free Indian movie songs. - Free Indian Music Online:

The website features streaming and downloading (if you prefer) of songs from movies in almost every Indian language – Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, etc. The website also has full length movies, clips, movie posters, pictures, photos of actors and actresses, etc. - Free Indian Music Downloads or Online Streaming

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With a fast Internet connection, almost everything is possible including listening to music. Users can listen to music online without having to download each and every track. It needs more network bandwidth to stream music online and so it needs a fast net connection to listen to online radio stations. radio has lots of free Indian music in their store. - Listen to Free Indian Songs Online: is one of the many online music stores that are available for users to listen to music on. It was started in UK, in 2002. The online player looks at the user’s choices and based on those, recommends more tracks and artists. The player can even monitor the tracks that are present on your computer, CD, portable music player and use that to suggest recommendations on the type of tracks that you may like. has a lot of Indian songs that are part of its vast online directory. - Listen to Free Indian Music Online

I'll add more Indian songs in our music store whenever available from major music recording companies. Please continue use this page for all your Indian music download requirements.