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Like to get free Japanese music downloads? Who doesn’t like Japanese Music, especially JPop? It has grown from a niche market to being heard worldwide. But it still might be hard to find a good place to download Japanese music, or to listen to free Japanese music. This is where comes in. It allows you to listen to and download all types of Japanese music that you like.

Listen to Our Free Online Japanese Music Player: has over 10 million free songs in our database, including but not limited to songs from all the well-known popular singers like Gackt, Utada Hikaru, Hamasaki Ayumi, Sakamoto Ryuichi, Bonnie Pink, Yoshiki Hayashi, Shiina Ringo, Shimatani Hitomi, Matsumoto Hideto, Hotei and many other artists and bands.

Please listen to some of our randomly selected royalty free Japnese music tracks from our music player. You can install our music download software and download all our tracks if you're completely satisfied with the audio and musical quality of these tracks.

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Don’t have the time to listen to songs online? Or maybe you want to listen on the go?  All the 10 millions songs on are absolutely free for download. You can install our software and download any song from our music store, or download the entire list of tracks if you desire.

What’s more, you can use the software to download more than 12 billion legal music tracks for free that are available on YouTube. In addition to YouTube, you can download music from other sources such as Yahoo, Facebook, Daily Motion, Metacafe, and so many more video sites. You can download the entire videos, part of the videos, or just the audio.

We use time shifting technology to make all our downloads completely legal in line with the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. While the download is legal, you can only use them for personal use. All the tracks on are of great sound quality, and the best part is that they are free to listen to or to download. You can listen to them as many times as you like, or download them to your computer, or carry them around on your phone or your iPod or MP3 player.

Download Free Japanese Music for Commercial Use:

These downloads cannot be used for any type of commercial use or in a commercial project. Any unauthorized use of the songs for commercial purposes violates the fair usage copyright law provisions. You may use any of the following commercial stores to get free Japanese music downloads for your commercial projects.

Free Music Archive - Free Japanese Music Downloads:

The store is designed so that authors can upload their works and use the platform to advertise themselves and the work they do. Using this platform, artists can get exposure for themselves and their work, as a lot of Japanese music fans will be going through this archive and can come across their songs. All the listed free music files contain link to the home page of its artist. Hence, the users can easily browse through the artist’s profiles and visit their homepage. They can also share the work with other users without fearing any legal issues. The website also has MP3 files as well as the lyrics for many of the famous Japanese singers like Hina Matsuri, Sakura etc.

Free Music Archive - Free Japanese Music Downloads 

Listen to Japanese Music - Online Radio Services:

Users can also use online radio services to listen to Japanese Music. Many online radios allow their users to stream the music online. However it works best, if you have a fast Internet connection. and Shoutcast radios are two such online radio stations that have good Japanese song collections. - Listen to Japanese Music Online: has one of the biggest online MP3 catalogs, which is boosted with good social networking features. allows you to search for your favorite Japanese music and start listening to them right now. In addition to their music, you can see the artist’s bio, photos, tour dates, etc. The best feature is that will recommend more music based on the tracks that you are listening to now. - Listen to Japanese Radio Music 

Shoutcast - Free Japanese Music Radio:

Shoutcast radio is another radio that offers free Japanese radio music. Shoutcast provides you access to more than 50,000 free radio stations from around the world, and all in a good bit rate quality. This gives you access to almost all genres of music in any world language, including lots of traditional Japanese music. Shoutcast is compatible for both Mac and Windows systems, but as a Mac user you have an added benefit that the iTunes program can capture the Shoutcast music.

Shoutcast - Listen to Japanese Music Radio

More Japanese music tracks are constantly updated to our archive as and when they become available from major music recording companies. So you can use for all your Japanese music download needs.