Compare Shoutcast Radio with Our Music Store:

Let’s check out the features and benefits of Shoutcast Radio and measure it up with our music download program, Audials. Shoutcast service is capable of broadcasting unlimited online radio music from 50,000 radio stations worldwide. You can even start your own Internet radio station and broadcast your voice worldwide. Shoutcast is such a powerful Internet radio service which can broadcast in a better audio quality than many other Internet radio stations.

Shoutcast Internet Music Radio at a Glance:

Shoutcast Internet Radio is the website for Shoutcast software giving details of more than 50,000 radio stations available with it. Shoutcast software is used for listening and creating internet radio stations via broadcast. It is a cross-platform software that enables streaming of media over the internet. It allows to create Internet radio stations by broadcasting audio content to and from media players.

Many radio services are capable only to broadcast to a selected number of countries. Whereas, Shoutcast Internet Radio offers free music at an audio quality of 128 kbps and is accessible anytime and anywhere around the world.

Features of Shoutcast Internet Radio:

  • Shoutcast supports Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris and Microsoft Windows. Mobile and other devices supported by Shoutcast are iOS,  Android, Windows Mobile , Palm OS and webOS, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Symbian and Nintendo DS.
  • Shoutcast Internet Radio has a catalog of 50,000 Internet radio stations accessible for free.
  • Shoutcast supports audio quality format of 128kbps.
  • Shoutcast offers sharing of music via broadcasting.
  • Shoutcast servers publish information on the current number of listeners.

Benefits with Shoutcast Music:

  • Shoutcast allows users an unlimited access to more than 50,000 Internet radio stations.
  • Unlike many other Internet radio stations, Shoutcast is totally free.
  • Even if the bit rate varies, Shoutcast radio maintains 128kbps audio quality for most of its tracks.

Limitations of Shoutcast Music:

  • Shoutcast is only available for music streaming purpose.
  • Shoutcast is available for music and does not offer streaming or downloading of movies, TV shows and games etc.
  • The audio quality of tracks is low and cannot be controlled.

Compare Shoutcast Radio Music with Audials:

  • The main difference is in the audio quality of the tracks. Audials radio and MP3 downloads are in 320kbps, while the Shoutcast broadcast is in 128kbps.
  • Audials has around 10 million music tracks in its store. Also, it can extract 12 billion media files from online video sources. On the other hand, Shoutcast provides access to more than 50,000 stations.
  • Audials offers access to songs, videos, movies, TV shows and games, whereas, Shoutcast offers access to songs only.
  • All music tracks are free for downloading in Audials, whereas as Shoutcast music allows streaming of tracks for free.
  • Audials is accessible from everywhere all over the world, same as Shoutcast Radio.

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
Shoutcast Radio 50K Stations Free Only streaming No 128 kbps Everywhere