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Are you looking for free Canadian music downloads? Our music store is perhaps having the largest collection of Canadian music with latest updates. We have the compositions of Canadian superstars like  Bryan Adams, Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, Gordon Lightfoot, Lukas Rossi, Darrin OBrien, Celine Dion and many more Canadian artists.

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Our superior quality online music player facilitates you to listen free Canadian music. We provide free and legal Canadian music from its top most artists which can be downloaded legally without any fee. The 10 million plus music tracks in our music library has license for free personal use. You have the option to download all these tracks to your PC for your personal use only. Commercial use of these tracks will be infringement of existing laws and cannot be done.

Our music library also has over 15000 royalty free tracks for which the payment has already been made. You can download these royalty free tracks to your PC for free. Nevertheless, there are tracks that can be used for any purpose including commercial use.

You may enjoy our collection of free Canadian music that is freely downloaded online from our music library.

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Our free music download software enables you to download over 10 million media files which are available in various video websites over internet and can be easily converted. Whether it is TV stations, radio channels, movies, etc all the media files can be accessed. Our software can extract audio files from YouTube videos as well. The software uses sophisticated format shifting - space shifting technologies to convert the files to MP3 format. We respect copyright laws and use of our software technology does not infringe them.

Our free MP3 music downloads program can search in YouTube and other online video sites and bring you the best mp3 tracks available online. You can transfer these files to your MP3 players or cell phones so that you will be able to listen to them even while you are offline.

The other significant feature of the software includes its ability to block harmful viruses etc. for safety of your computer. The built in download accelerator program provides high speed downloads to save time. Get unlimited access to 10 million free Canadian music downloads right now.

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You may wonder why we are citing other music libraries on our site. To be fair with the laws regarding copyright, we have clearly stated that our music downloads are only for personal purposes. Any business or commercial use of these tracks would be against fair use principle of copyright laws.

If you wish to use the tracks for any commercial purpose, these can be purchased from other musical stores who extend the facility. While Amazon and iTunes are sites that can do it for you, they are considered expensive by many. There are other music websites that can give you the facility cheaper. Thousands of such legal tracks can be downloaded from Free Music Archive (FMA) who can also arrange for their commercial use at a very affordable price.

Free Music Archive - Free Canadian Music Downloads:

Free Form Radio and many renowned curators are supporting partners of FMA. The site has established business contacts with mainstream record labels and artists to arrange commercial use for a small fee. Canadian radio stations encourage unregistered artists and host their compositions on FMA platform. While these artists get the exposure, they also get the facility to link and access other tracks.

Free Music Archive - Free Canadian Music Downloads

MTV Canada - Canadian Online Music:

MTV Canada is a renowned programming service which is also ranked high in global scale. Over 16,000 videos can be watched freely on which is MTV brand extension in Canada.

MTV Canada - Online Music of Canada

Free Canadian Music Radio Stations:

Free Canadian music can also be enjoyed through numerous Canadian music stations if you have a broadband connection. The significant feature is that you need not download the songs and listen it online. Shoutcast, CBC and Canadian radio stations provide you the pleasure of listening to top audio quality songs. - Top Canadian Music Radio Station: is widely acknowledged as the top most online radio station in Canada. It has the feature to guide you in sorting your musical interests in Canadian music and suggests more tracks of similar taste for you. Scribbler is a special software in the site which does versatile functions for the facility of music lovers. It also provides you information about albums and artists. You also have the option to interact with other music lovers here provided you register yourself in the site. - Listen to Canadian Music Online 

Shoutcast - Canadian Music Radio That is Free:

Shoutcast online radio service uses its unique shoutcasting technology for the benefit of its listeners. The top audio quality of its broadcasts makes it the first choice for the purpose of capturing MP3 broadcasts via Internet. It has plenty of Canadian music in stock and many international radio stations are included as its affiliates. On typing the keyword like genre, artist or album, you get your desired Canadian music here easily.

Shoutcast - Free Canadian Music Radio 

CBC Radio - Canadian Music Broadcasting Station:

This is the public broadcaster for Canadian music. The range of their services are universal - satellite, internet, television and radio. These services are also offered in French along with eight other languages. Many of their broadcasts are also available through and

CBC Broadcast - Canadian Broadcasting Music 

We continuously update our site with the latest Canadian music as and when available. You can keep visiting this page anytime for totally free Canadian music downloads.