Free Internet Music Radio Stations - A Comparison:

There are lots of free Internet music radio stations operating now a days. It is often difficult to select one program from so many online radio services. We've an inbuilt radio service in Audials music download software which offers 70,000+ free music radio stations in 320 kbps audio quality. You may install our Internet radio software (Audials Radio Tracker) software to listen to radio music in the highest audio quality. Other than the radio music, you'll get unlimited access to around 10 million free mp3 tracks by installing this software.

Audials Radio Tracker - Listen to 70,000+ Free Music Radio Stations

We have written this page to help you compare our online music radio program with other commercial online radio services. I've listed below the most popular online music radio services. As you might know, Internet radio services generally have lesser audio quality as it requires more bandwidth to stream online radio music. Following radio services have above par audio quality compared to many other online radio services. You can use the below table to compare features of different online music radio services with Audials Radio program.

Streaming Music - Online Radio Music Sites - Comparison Table

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
Live365 1 Million $9.95/Month Only streaming No 128 kbps Everywhere
Shoutcast 50K Stations Free Only streaming No 128 kbps Everywhere 12 Million $3/Month Only streaming No 192 kbps US, UK, and Germany
AOL 0.5 Million $3.99/Month Only streaming No 128 kbps USA
Pandora 1.5 Million $4.99/Month Only streaming No 192 kbps USA/Australia/New Zealand
TuneIn 2 Million $1.99/Month Only streaming No Bit rate varies Everywhere

1. Live365 - Free Online Radio Station:

Live365 is another online radio music service with millions of users worldwide. They offer around 7,000 radio stations in almost all genres of music. You can listen to Live365 music from iTunes, many mobile devices and websites. They have over 30,000 music CDs and around 1 million tracks in their music library. - Listen to Free Online Radio Music

2. Shoutcast - Free Internet Music Radio:

Shoutcast is one of the most popular free online radio services. They offer around 50,000 free Internet music radio stations from the US and around the world. simply type in the artist name, song title or the music genre into the search box and start listening to free music online. Also, with Shoutcast you can start your own free music radio station.

Shoutcast - Listen to Free Music Radio

3. - Listen to Free Music Online: is another free online radio service with over 12 million tracks. You'll get free music from so many popular musicians and top record labels who have registered with Almost all of the tracks and albums can be listened to from the website for free. They keep a record of what you listen to and suggest you more tracks/artists based on this. Other than streaming music, they allow you to download many of these tracks to your computer. - Listen to Free Music Online

4. AOL - Free Online Radio Music:

AOL is another free online radio music program with over 200 stations in almost all music genres. All of these stations have their own playlist of artists and songs. They allow you to customize the channels to your tastes. For example, you can add or delete artists and tracks from your playlists. AOL is completely free and no registration is required to listen to free music from them. Also, they've 2 types of monthly subscription plans for advertisement free music.

AOL Radio - Listen to Free Online Radio Music

5. Pandora - Free Internet Music Radio:

Pandora is another free online radio service designed to discover new music you will love. The most attractive feature of their service is the music recommendation service. Also, they've an attractive user interface and lots of customization options. Pandora free account holders can listen to free music online for 40 hours per month.

Pandora - Listen to Free Internet Music Radio

6. TuneIn Radio - Cheap Online Music Radio:

TuneIn radio offers around 2 million mp3 tracks from over 70,000 free Internet music radio stations. They have 2 monthly subscriptions plans available. The standard subscription costs you $1.99/Month and the pro version price is $4.99/Month.

TuneIn Radio - Cheap Online Radio Music

All these music programs are absolutely free and you can listen to free music online from all these radio stations. Please visit any of the below comparison pages to analyze features of different free Internet music radio sites in detail.