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You need unlimited access to free hip hop music downloads? Come to the largest hip hop music store on the Internet. This genre of music is originated in the late 1970s from the African Americans. It is one of the most known music genre among the young generation of the American people.

Songs belonging to the hip hop music genre usually represent anger of the youth against the authorities. These tracks are highly rhythmic with clean beats and feature breakdancing and DJing. Similar to Rap music in most ways, Hip Hop does not contain rapping.

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We host thousands of exciting hip hop songs from world known artists such as Akon, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Drake, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Tupac Shakur and other artists as well as popular bands like Black Eyed Peas.

Listen to some of our randomly selected royalty free hiphop tracks from our online music player. The audio quality of our player will impress you for sure. Install our music download software to be able to download our entire collection of music to your computer.

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Our music download program facilitates downloading any music track to your system with the highest speed. Our downloads are completely legal and about 20 times faster than any other software program. The software also allows previewing the tracks before actually downloading them to your computer, iPod, iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device. We offer free access to more than 10 million legal music downloads from our online music store.

Our music download program also extracts MP3 audio files from online videos and lets you download the file to your computer for free. Time shifting technology employed in the software makes all downloads totally legal and in compliance with the fair use provisions of copyright laws. You get more than 10 million licensed media files to listen to and download including music videos and MP3s.

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At our online music store, you get access to unlimited free legal hip hop music downloads. They serve only personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. If at all, you require using them for any commercial purpose, you need to buy the tracks at some commercial online store. Below are some of the commercial music download stores that offer cheap downloads.

Free Hip Hop Music Downloads from ARTISTdirect:

This store has a collection of hip hop music albums, videos and downloads. Artists from across the world are allowed to register and upload their works so that users can listen to them. This way, artists get exposure and hidden talents can be discovered. This site offers free music recordings as well as merchandise from branded labels, tickets for concerts and other things. Most tracks are available for free download and can be bought at cheap prices for commercial use.

Free Hip Hop Music Downloads from ARTISTdirect - Free Hip Hop Music Downloads:

Registering with is free. Downloading copyrighted music from the web and using it for commercial purposes is not legal. However, many hip hop bands and artists promote their works by offering their tracks for free. These tracks can be downloaded and shared with others without any charge or violation of laws. Other tracks would need to be purchased but the prices are cheaper than other commercial music stores. - Free Hip Hop Songs Downloads 

Free Hip Hop Music Downloads from SoundClick:

As one of the largest online music stores, SoundClick features more than 3 million tracks for download. It also offers free pages with unlimited storage space. One can upload any number of tracks and enjoy music uploaded by other artists. It is possible to find hip hop artists and albums and purchase the music tracks in CD quality. It also features music charts, lyrics, videos, forums and more.

Free Hip Hop Music Downloads from SoundClick - Free Hip Hop Songs Downloads:

This music website hosts a large store of hip hop songs along with news and stories from the hip hop and rap world. Moreover, you get numerous reggae, pop, R&B, dance music and dancehall tracks for free download. Various artists upload their works here so that other users can purchase them for legal use. Daily hip hop songs are available here. You can register with the site for free hip hop music downloads from them. - Free Hip Hop Music Downloads Online

Free Music Archive - Download Free Hip Hop Music:

This service offers a large collection of free online hip hop music including the latest released tracks from big labels. It contains tracks from WFMU radio and other free radio stations. It also includes tracks from curators like dublab, KBOO, Seattle's KEXP, etc. You can also find live studio performances from the online library it offers.

Free Music Archive - Download Free Hip Hop Music

Listen to Free Hip Hop Music Radio Stations:

With a good Internet connection, you can listen to free hip hop music radio stations. You can listen to live music streamed by radio services rather than downloading the songs to the computer. - Listen to Free Hip Hop Music Online:

This radio service features a large number of artist profiles as well as an integrated music player. It is possible to explore the music player while listening to your favorite songs. Moreover, the main page contains links to some tracks suggested for you and much more. - Listen to Free Hip Hop Songs Online 

I'll add more hip hop songs in our music store whenever available online from major recording companies. You can continue use this page for free hip hop music downloads.

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