Compare Soundclick Music Store Features and Benefits:

Let’s check out the features and benefits of SoundClick music store and measure it up with our music download program, Audials.

Sound Click Music at a Glance:

Sound Click is a music oriented social networking site. It allows streaming and downloading of songs, selling tracks through music stores and licensing to others. The networking site helps build profiles with friends, blogs, videos, photos and user stations. SoundClick offers music services at a monthly subscription of $9.95. There are around 5 million tracks available which can be downloaded with high audio quality of 320 kbps. Sound Click is accessible by anyone and anytime around the world.

Features of Sound Click Music:

  • All the song downloads are of 320 kbps audio quality.
  • SoundClick supports MP3 format.
  • SoundClick offers free music service including free uploading of songs in MP3 format and later made available for streaming and free downloading purposes.
  • The songs can also be sold through the music store or licensed to others. The artists are able to sell their single songs or entire albums with the payments done through PayPal.
  • SoundClick is a music oriented social network where users have their profiles containing blogs, photo albums, video uploads, blogs, and message boards.
  • SoundClick has an optional fee based service i.e. the VIP service where artists can have their pages free of advertisements and can upload their content in higher sound quality.

Soundclick Subscription Plans:

They've a subscription based service which costs you $9.95/month. With the subscription, you'll be able to download music without any advertisement, plus all your tracks will be in 320kbps audio quality. Purchase price per track varies from $0.5 to $1.

Benefits with Sound Click Music:

  • Unlimited access to a music library of 5 million songs is made available to the user at monthly subscription of $9.95 per month.
  • Audio quality of the tracks is high at 320 kbps.
  • SoundClick offers free music service including free uploading of songs that are made available for streaming and free downloading purposes.
  • The VIP service allows artists to have their pages free of advertisements and upload their work in higher sound quality.
  • SoundClick is more than just a music store. It is a music social network where artists and users can interact and share music and content freely.

Limitations of Sound Click Music:

  • SoundClick is available for music and does not offer streaming or downloading of movies, TV shows and games etc.
  • SoundClick supports MP3 format.

Compare Sound Click with Audials:

  • Sound click audio quality is limited to 160kbps with the free version of the program. You'll get 320kbps audio quality only with the paid version. On the other hand, Audials audio quality is always 320kbps.
  • Audials has around 10 million music tracks in its store. Also, it can extract 12 billion media files from online video sources. On the other hand, SoundClick music service has only 5 million tracks in its store.
  • Audials offers access to songs, videos, movies, TV shows and games, whereas, SoundClick offers access to songs only.
  • All music tracks are free to download in Audials, whereas, SoundClick requires a mandatory monthly subscription plan of $9.95 per month and the purchase price per track varies from $0.5 to $1.
  • Audials is accessible from everywhere all over the world same as SoundClick.

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
SoundClick 5 Million $9.95/Month from $0.50 to $1 No 320 kbps Everywhere