Compare MadeLoud with Our Music Software:

Here, we'll check the features and benefits of the MadeLoud music database and compare it with our music downloading program Audials.

Made Loud Music at a Glance:

Made Loud is a social networking music store featuring thousands of indie artists, bands and tracks. You can go through artist profiles and listen to their tracks. Made Loud is designed as a platform for indie artists and bands to advertise and sell their music in an easy way. Also, here you can buy music merchandise directly from your favorite artists or bands. Many of the artists upload their tracks for free downloading so that listeners can download those tracks for free. Or, artists can upload their tracks for a fee and listeners can buy it if they like it.

Features of MadeLoud Music:

Made Loud offers many social networking features for indie artists and bands. They can sell or promote their music buy giving away some of their tracks for free. Listeners can check the artist profiles and download free tracks or buy any track if they like it. Artists upload music files in MP3 format and users can listen to them from any MP3 player software installed in their computers. Also, this music database allows artists to sell music merchandise and profit from that.

Artists can keep 80% of the profit they earn from selling music and 85% of the profit they earn from selling merchandise. You need to be careful when setting a merchandise store as you're responsible for the shipment until the item safely reaches on user hands. Made Loud uses Paypal for buying and selling and so you need to register a Paypal account to use all the Made Loud store features.

Benefits with Made Loud Music:

  • Unlike other social music stores, artists can set their own price for their tracks. They'll get 80% of the music sales price and 85% of the music merchandise sales price. Merchandise can be anything related to music, like T-shirts, CDs etc. You'll get paid on 15th of every month.
  • Membership is free for both artists and listeners. Artists can upload unlimited number of tracks and will be published by MadeLoud after reviewing them.
  • The advantage for artists is they get unlimited storage space to upload their tracks.
  • As a listener, you can download free music, create your own playlists and share them with other users.
  • Also, they've thousands of music related articles written by its members.
  • All the tracks you get from here are legal and can be downloaded to your computer without any legal issue.

Limitations of Made Loud Music:

Made Loud is not a mainstream music database and so you cannot find many tracks from your favorite artists here.

Compare MadeLoud Music with Audials:

  • Made Loud is designed mainly for indie artists and bands and so you can't see main stream artists here. Audials catalog includes all popular artists and is really huge compared to the Made Loud catalog.
  • Audials downloads are faster than Made Loud downloads.
  • Audio quality of all Audials tracks are 320kbps while MadeLoud audio quality depends on the user uploaded audio files.

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
MadeLoud 0.02 Million No subscription Price varies No Bit rate varies Everywhere