Jamendo Music - Compare Features and Benefits of Jamendo Store:

Let’s check out the features and benefits of Jamendo music and measure it up with our music download program, Audials.

Jamendo Music at a Glance:

Referred as “the world's largest digital service for free music”, Jamendo is a renowned music site as well as an open community of independent performers and music followers. It is a medium for the artists to connect to their audiences around the world by sharing music professionally and privately. Where music is free for downloading for the users, Jamendo also provides revenue generation prospects for artists via commercial usage.

Jamendo offers access to around 0.5 million tracks with no monthly or yearly subscription fee and listening and downloading from the site is also free. Users can share content with anyone, anytime and anywhere. The audio quality of the tracks available for listening is 96 kbps and for downloading is 192 kbps. Jamendo is available for access from anywhere around the world.

Features of Jamendo Music:

  • Jamendo provides opportunity to artists to share their music for free.
  • The format supported by Jamendo is MP3 and Ogg Vorbis. The tracks available for listening are encoded at 96 kbps and for downloading at 192 kbps.
  • At Jamendo, artists can receive donations straight from the users.
  • At Jamendo, listening and downloading of music is unlimited, free and advertisements free.
  • Jamendo site offers user friendly new design with new functionalities and ten new genre-specific radio channels.
  • The registered users possess personal accounts where they can create playlists, become a fan and follow an artist, bookmark and review songs and albums, share music on social networks and donate to their favorite performers.
  • Jamendo provides a search engine that allows searching the tracks by particular artists, titles and tags that are picked by artists to illustrate their songs (i.e. theme, mood, instrument, or genre, etc.)
  • Jamendo is pre-integrated within players like VLC, Clementine, Songbird and Amarok 2.

Benefits with Jamendo Store:

  • Access to the 0.5 million tracks absolutely free for listening and downloading without any subscription fee.
  • Free mobile applications for Android and iOS devices are available allowing users to listen and download songs.
  • The Jamendo site is available in 6 languages- English, Spanish, German, French, Polish and Italian.
  • Jamendo provides access to various tools like blogging, messaging, stats and receive notifications.
  • Jamendo offers sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ 

Limitations of Jamendo Music Store:

  • Jamendo has a limited collection of music scores.
  • Jamendo supports MP3 and Ogg Vorbis.
  • Jamendo is available for music downloads and does not offer downloading of movies, TV shows and games etc.
  • The audio quality of the tracks is low.


  • No yearly/monthly subscription fee.
  • The tracks are available for free for listening and downloading purposes.

Compare Jamendo Music with Audials:

  • Jamendo radio music is in 96kbps and the downloads are in 192kbps while Audials sound quality is 320 kbps for both online music streaming and downloads.
  • Audials has around 10 million files (including 4 million creative commons MP3 files) while Jamendo has only 0.5 million tracks.
  • Audials music downloads are faster than Jamendo downloads.
  • Audials offers access to songs, videos, movies, TV shows and games, whereas, Jamendo offers access to music scores, music communities, curated playlists and radio stations.
  • All music scores are free to download in Audials same as in Jamendo. 
  • Audials is accessible from everywhere all over the world same as Jamendo.

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
Jamendo 0.5 Million Free Price varies No 192 kbps Everywhere