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You like to access easy listening music online? Our online music player offers a platform to listen to music easily. You can also download music through our music store.

Instrumentals are the major tracks found in our mp3 player, but you can also find a few vocals. Soothing sensations and relaxing sessions can often be achieved here. Melodies that anyone can enjoy are also found in our music store. The relaxing tunes are soothing and therefore they can be played in the background of any social place. This can range from malls, elevators, airports and restaurants just to mention but a few.

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Our online listening player is easy to use. If you need to download the tracks that you like the most to your PC, we have plenty from most leading favorite artists. They are all legal and licensed. Our music store provides you only with tracks that are 100% legal. You can download all of these tracks to your computers without fearing copyright issues. 

We've thousands of free legal easy listening tracks from popular singers like Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Dionne Warwick, Bill Kenny, Astrud Gilberto, Matt Monro, Ray Conniff and many other well known artists and bands. Make sure to listen first to the royalty free tracks online before installing the download software on your computer.

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Many music genres can be fetched by our music download software. Platforms like YouTube have a lot of videos as you are aware. In light with the copyright laws of the United States, our mp3 downloads software use time shifting technique to download music files from YouTube. Around 12 billion files are accessible in the form of games, TV/Radio channels, movies, music and videos.

To add to that we provide you with more than 10 million tracks that are downloadable in our music store. You will download these tracks very fast because they are saved in our cloud servers. Quality is guaranteed for all these tracks because they are 320 kpbs. Royalty free tracks are available together with 4 million creative commons tracks and public domain tracks. You can freely download these tracks without fearing copyright laws. YouTube is another platform which our site accesses and provides you up to 12 billion other media files.

Free Easy Listening Music for Commercial Purposes:

You need not be stressing yourself when looking for music files to download. Our music download software is giving you the opportunity to save as many music as your PC can. You are not allowed to use this music for commercial purposes like in theaters and stage performances.

Copyright owners can grant the permission of using their music for such commercial ventures. Free Music Archive is another platform which you can use in order to gain access tracks that can be used commercially.

Free Music Archive - Easy Listening Music Downloads:

You can buy the tracks for any commercial use and also you can download for free if it is for personal use. Amazon and iTunes are more expensive than Free Music Archive. Despite the fact that users can download music for free in Free Music Archive, the artists still have partial rights to their works. This is because they are published under creative commons licenses. 

Free Music Archive - Free Easy Listening Music Downloads

Free Easy Listening Music Online - Radio Stations:

Online radio stations do offer free music too. Broadband Internet connection is necessary in order for you to listen to online radio stations. Not all the radio stations have high quality sounds when streaming. If you prefer to listen to music without downloading you may choose to listen to it on online radio. - Free Easy Listening Music Online: is a search engine that enables you to listen to different types of music online. Their music store has many varieties of tracks but you can also access other online music forums through the search tool. - Free Easy Listening Music Radio

Shoutcast - Free Easy Listening Music Radio:

Shoutcast is another platform offering free easy listening music online. Anyone can broadcast mp3 tracks from their PCs and then other Shoutcast users can listen to those broadcasts using Winamp or any other music player. This service is entirely different from which makes music recommendations based on users' preferences. Shoutcast has their own tool to determine the songs you would be interested to listen.

Shoutcast - Free Easy Listening Music Online

I'll add more easy listening music tracks in our music store whenever available from major recording companies. Please visit this page frequently and get all our latest free easy listening music downloads.

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