Free Music Downloads - Frequently Asked Questions:

What do we mean by free music downloads and how can we give them for free? Here, you'll find answers for all these questions. Also, we'll discuss about the number of tracks, their audio quality, the legal issues involved in downloading the tracks etc.,

What is Free Internet

Free Internet is a huge library of free legal music tracks which can be played online or downloaded to your computers, mobile phones and MP3 players. We've 62 music genre pages in total which includes music in many different genres and world languages.

How many tracks are free on this site?

All tracks listed on this website are free. Around 15000 royalty free tracks are listed here in various music genre pages. These are randomly selected tracks from our music store for you to check the musical and audio quality of our tracks.

Our entire music library has a total of 10 million free mp3 tracks. And, our free music download software can legally extract around 12 billion free media files from online video sources like YouTube. You'll get full access to all these tracks absolutely for free.

Also, we have a paid version of the software which can provide you unlimited Lifetime Access to our entire music library for a one time fee of $39.

Free Music Downloads - What is Free and What is Not

How many tracks do we have in total?

Our entire library of music contains free legal music in different categories. This includes royalty free tracks, public domain music, creative commons music, music from indie artists and unsigned bands. We've a total of 10 million free mp3 tracks in our store including 15000 royalty free tracks and 4 million creative commons tracks. Also, our music download software can legally extract around 12 billion free mp3 tracks from online music video sites like YouTube.

Compare Total Number of Tracks in Major Music Stores

Is it legal to download music from our music store?

Yes, it's completely legal. Audials music download software is designed in compliance with the fair use provisions of the United States copyright laws. Our music store has free mp3 tracks in many different styles and types. We've royalty free tracks, public domain music, tracks under creative commons licenses, copyleft music and tracks from many indie artists and unsigned bands. All our music downloads are from genuine legal music providers and hence you can download all of them legally to your computers without fearing any copyright violation.

Can I use free music downloads for commercial purposes?

No, you cannot use these tracks for any commercial purpose. All these free music downloads are given only for your private use. Also, you cannot copy or share this music with your friends as it will violate the fair use provisions of the copyright law.

Music Copyright Laws and Free Legal Music Downloads

How/Where Can I use the downloaded mp3 music tracks?

You can use these tracks for any personal use such as:

  • Download the tracks to your computers 
  • Listen to the tracks, if you don't want to download them 
  • Copy the downloaded track to a CD, MP3 player or any other mobile device such as mobile phones 
  • Keep one copy of each track as permitted in the fair use provisions of the copyright laws 
  • Play the recorded tracks in your car DVD player 
  • Copy the tracks to a USB stick and play them while you're travelling 
  • Use the tracks in class rooms for educational and research purposes

What are the restrictions in using the downloaded mp3 tracks?

You can't use these tracks for any commercial use such as: 

  • Perform the music in stage shows and concerts 
  • Play the music in bars, restaurants, shops or in any public place 
  • Make multiple copies 
  • Broadcast the tracks via radio or TV 
  • Share the tracks online with other Internet users 
  • Sell, rent or distribute the tracks to the public 
  • Make derivative works from the original track

How about the audio quality of the tracks?

Audio quality of our tracks is the best in the industry. You'll get CD quality music with all your downloads. All our tracks are in 320 kbps sound quality. The audio quality of our tracks, the total number of tracks and the download speed are the major features making our music store the number one choice for free music downloads.

What is the download speed of each track?

We use state of the art music downloads program named Audials to download tracks to your computers. We've 10 Million free mp3 tracks directly hosted on Amazon Cloud servers, the world's fastest storage servers. Audials software and the Amazon Cloud servers help us to make your downloads the fastest music downloads possible. Also, we can legally extract 12 Billion free tracks from other online music sources. We use our inbuilt "Download Accelerator" program to make the downloads faster.

How does this music download software work?

You'll be able to download our entire library of music by installing our Audials music download software. This software can download 10 million tracks directly from our music store and get you around 12 billion legally filtered free mp3 tracks from online video stores.

Online video sites have hundreds of thousands of music files in their stores. Audials music downloads software can check the entire net and legally extract only CD quality mp3 tracks from online music videos. We use Time shifting technology to make all our downloads completely legal. All these tracks extracted by our software can be legally downloaded to your computers for free. Please note that these tracks can be used only for your personal use. You cannot use them for any commercial purpose as it will violate the fair use provisions of the United States copyright laws.