Free Legal Music FAQ - More Questions and Answers:

Here, you'll get more information on our free legal music store and the music download software. This is continuation of our FAQ page with more questions and answers.

How do I find music on this website?

We've an online MP3 music player on our Home page as well as on all our 62 music genre pages (46 music genres and 16 pages for regional music). Our Home page contains randomly selected tracks in many different music styles. You can listen to a specific genre of music from the respective music genre page on this site.

How can I download the entire music library?

You can listen to the 15,000 royalty free tracks listed on this site for free. You need to install our music download software to get full access to our entire library of music. You can download 12 billion free legal music tracks by installing our free Audials music download software.

Can I upload music to your online music store?

No, you cannot upload music here. You'll only be able to download music from our music store. There're many other sites designed for helping artists to publish their music (called pro-artist sites). You may use one of those sites to upload your music. We've got some free tracks from indie artists and unsigned bands in our store by collaborating with some of those pro-artist sites. We've designed this music store only to download free legal music.

How do you deal with the music copyright laws?

Most of our tracks are under "Creative Commons licenses" which can be legally downloaded to your computers for free. The only requirement is that these tracks can be used only for your personal use. Then, we've lots of "Royalty free" and "Public domain" music also. We've already payed the royalty fee for all of these tracks and hence you can use them for free. As you might know anyone can download "Public domain" music as there is no copyright claim exist on them. In addition to this, our free legal music download software can legally extract high quality mp3 tracks from online music videos. We use Time shifting technology to make all these downloads 100% legal under the fair use provisions of the United States Copyright laws.

What is Creative Commons music?

Creative commons license means that the owner of the track does retain some of the rights on their works, but you can still download these tracks for your personal use. You cannot use them for any commercial purpose without obtaining a written permission from the owner. We've around 4 million tracks in our store with creative commons licenses.

What is Royalty Free music?

Royalty free means that the royalty fee for a particular music track has already been paid and you can re-use them without paying any additional fee. We've around 15000 royalty free tracks for which we've already paid, and hence you can download them for free from our music store.

What is Public Domain music?

Public domain music means there is no copyright on a particular track, or the copyright on that track has already been expired. We've lots of public domain tracks listed here which can be legally downloaded to your computers for free.

Do you offer free legal music downloads in all countries?

Yes, you can download unlimited number of free music on this website from anywhere in the world.

Where is website hosted? webserver is hosted in Montreal, Canada. We've 10 Million plus mp3 music files hosted on Amazon cloud servers for fast downloading.

Where is your music store hosted?

We've 10 Million plus free mp3 music files hosted on Amazon Cloud servers. This is for giving you the fastest music downloads possible online. Also, you'll get on-demand access to 12 Billion free legal music files using time, format and space shifting technologies. These files can be directly downloaded to your computers using our Audials music downloads program.

Amazon uses Cloud servers world wide to make network load balancing. They've Cloud servers in the United States (13), South America (1), Europe (8), Asia (5) and Australia (1). You'll be able to download our tracks from anywhere in the world with the same speed as you download them from the United States or Europe.

What can I do on

You can listen to 15,000 royalty free music tracks from our online music player. You can download 12 billion free legal music tracks by installing our music download software. Also, you'll get free legal access to 30,000 movies, TV channels, online radio stations and free PC games.

How to contact support?

We've a 24X7 Technical support team to answer all your queries and assist you with any technical difficulties with our music download software.

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