Listen to Free Internet Radio Music:

If you like to listen to free Internet radio, then you’ve come to the right place. Audials Radiotracker is the most convenient program to enjoy free music online with no commercial ads and in the highest audio quality.

Audials Radiotracker uses the most advanced online radio software to play the best tracks for you. We play only high audio quality tracks here and you won't hear any track below 320 kbps audio quality. Choose one of the free online radio stations from our list and start enjoying the music. You can listen to online radio music without downloading the music files to your computer.

How Does Audials Free Internet Radio Work?

Internet based free radio stations do not require any licensing and hence these stations could broadcast from anywhere in the world. Audials Radiotracker has currently over 70,000 + carefully selected free radio stations and our channel list is updated frequently.

Audials Radiotracker software's sound quality is the main factor made it the number one player in the Internet radio industry. It's a commercial free radio service, you'll be able to listen to ad free radio music without any interruption.

Want to Start Your Own Online Radio Station?

You can start your own free Internet radio station if you have your own computer and a high speed broad band Internet connection.

Audials is the major player in the Internet radio service with the highest quality audio and ad free music. It has a plug-in software which you need to add to your software settings. Now, you will get a registration number from the software. You can use this number to register your radio station. Once registered, anybody can listen to your online radio from:

http://station service name

Just add any music to your radio play list and press the Play button. Anyone can listen to your online radio now. Audials Radiotracker broadcasts 24 hours a day without any commercial advertisements and you'll be able to listen to 70,000 + radio stations.

How Can I Download the Software?

Download the Audials Radiotracker software by clicking on the following link, it takes only 2 minutes to finish the installation.

Join over 50 million users around the world, who are currently listening to free online radio Music, TV channels, Movies, Games and Much More! Simply install the software to your computer and start listening to free online radio.

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