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Do you like to get free metal music downloads? Metal music, originated from the rock music is a highly rhythmic music genre that features a loud vocal complemented by anger or sad theme. This genre of music makes use of powerful electric guitar and heavy drum beats to give a loud effect to the tracks.

This genre of music handles strong emotions like sadness, anger, violence, hatred and horror. At our store, you will find a large collection of metal tracks from all the time. You can download them to your computer for free.

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We offer CD quality legal metal music from popular artists like Ronnie James Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Ian Gillan, Darrell Abbott, Arthur Brown, Sebastian Bach and Jason Newsted. Our collection of free metal songs also includes the works from well known bands like Limp Bizkit, Bon Jovi, Metallica and others.

Our online music player lets you listen to randomly selected legal metal songs so that you can test the quality of these songs by yourself before installing our music download software. You can also listen to them on your cell phones or MP3 players without violating any copyright laws.

Free Metal Music Downloads from Our Music Store:

There are three main categories of music at our store. Most songs have a creative commons license while others are royalty free or public domain. Our music download program lets you download all these tracks legally to your computer for no charge. Moreover, this software can extract free music from YouTube videos using time shifting technology. All our downloads are in compliance with the fair use provisions of the copyright laws.

This is the best place to download free metal songs in CD quality. All the downloads will have 320 kbps of audio quality with our MP3 download software. It is capable of downloading music tracks at 20 times faster than other music download applications. Moreover, our video downloads are all in 1080p HD quality.

Free Metal Songs Downloads for Commercial Use:

Free music downloaded from our store is meant for personal use only and cannot serve any commercial purpose. However, you can go to following stores to purchase metal music tracks for commercial use. Here, you will get all the tracks for cheap price as compared to other online stores.

SoundClick - Free Metal Songs Downloads:

Artists use SoundClick for uploading and promoting their music works. Fans can listen to their favorite music by creating a playlist and share their interests with other members too. You find hidden talents on such sites. You can even download free music tracks for commercial purposes. Most of the tracks are free and some of them have a small charge associated with them.

SoundClick - Free Metal Music Downloads - Free Metal Songs Downloads:

Various indie artists as well as bands share their works free of charge on Users can download these songs legally and enjoy free metal music. It is also possible to upload songs and share with others. - Free Metal Songs Downloads 

Free Metal Music - Online Radio Stations:

There are many Internet radio stations that allow listening to free online metal songs. It is possible to listen to streaming tracks without having to download them to your computer. You simply need a good Internet connection. - Free Metal Radio Station:

This radio service has an integrated scrobbling tool that identifies your music interests and suggests you the songs that you would like to listen. It keeps track of music tastes for all its users and makes recommendations using them. It also lets you post the songs you listen to your profile page. - Listen to Free Metal Songs Online 

Shoutcast - Free Metal Songs Online:

One of the top choices for online radio stations, Shoutcast contains over 50,000 radio stations across the world in various genres and languages. You can find hundreds of stations for metal music here. Moreover, it is possible to create your own radio station to broadcast your music.

Shoutcast - Listen to Free Metal Songs Online 

AOL Music - Free Metal Songs Online:

Powered by Slacker Radio, AOL service allows switching between the two services to enjoy the features of both. This service is capable of identifying which stations are being played currently and gives recommendations based on them.

AOL Music - Listen to Free Metal Music Online 

I'll add more metal music in our music store whenever available from major music companies. Please visit this page frequently for free metal music downloads.

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