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The music of Philippines, or the Filipino music genre as it is more commonly known has gained popularity in the recent years. There are a number of people who prefer the funky yet traditional pop music of Philippines as an alternative to the regular jazz or rock numbers that are more common among the composers in western world.

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While traditional Filipino music has always been a pleasure to listen to, the music genre which gained the most popularity all over the world was the Original Pilipino Music or OPM. This genre of music was mostly centered around the pop music and songs which were composed in abundance by the music artists in Philippines, particularly in the 80s and 90s era. The OPM developed in the part of Philippines which was heavily influenced by the English language and culture. However, the songs were still composed in the native language only. Popular pop artists of the time which brought the Filipino music to the world stage were Neocolours, Side A, True Faith and Yano.

Other popular genres of Filipino music include rock which is much the same as that composed in the western world and hip-hop which is composed and performed by mostly Filipino-Americans. A unique characteristic of Filipino music is the Airborne music. This kind of music is a sort of impromptu performance and is entirely unrehearsed. Earth music is also popular among fans of Filipino music as it is composed and performed from entirely traditional musical instruments.

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In spite of the number of different genres which Filipino music falls under, many of which can be compared with the western music, Filipino music has still managed to hold its own in the modern world. There are fans of Filipino music world over and if you are also one of them, then you have just landed on the perfect place to get your favorite songs online, download them without any hassles and simply have a good time listening to the melodious tunes.

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