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You like oldies music? We are the largest free oldies music downloads store online. Oldies music refers to generally R&B, pop and rock music from the 1950s to about 20 years prior to current date. We've got the most diverse oldies music collection available online. You can listen online or download all of them for free.

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We've a huge collection of tracks from well known oldies artists like Janet Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Glady's Knight, Smokey Robinson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Pattie Labelle, Freddie Jackson, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Diana Ross and the Supremes. All our tracks can be legally downloaded to your computer for free.

Please listen to some of the randomly selected royalty free oldies music tracks from our online music player and experience the musical quality of these tracks for yourself.

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Want to download music of the 1960s and 1970s? Our free music download program can legally download unlimited number of music tracks from the YouTube to your computer by using time shifting technology. We use time shifting technology to make our downloads completely legal in line with the fair use provisions of the United States copyright laws.

This music downloads software can legally download our entire library of music to your computer. Also, we can legally download copyright free audio tracks from the YouTube. You can use them in your computers, cell phones or MP3 players without fearing copyright issues.

Oldies Music Downloads for Commercial Use:

Our music downloads program can get you unlimited number of free and legal music downloads for your computers. But these tracks can be downloaded only for your personal use and cannot be used for any commercial purpose.

You may visit any of the following music stores to download music tracks for any commercial use. These stores have lots of free tracks for download and can be purchased if you want to use them for any commercial purpose. These tracks are cheaper compared to other popular stores like iTunes and Amazon.

Free Music Archive - Download Oldies Music:

The Free Music Archive offers lots of free oldies music downloads. This site is started by the well known free radio station WFMU and run by world renowned curators. The curators have obtained permission from the copyright holders to download their music for personal usage. You may need to check with the curators or the artists to use these tracks for commercial purpose.

Free Music Archive - Oldies Music Downloads for Free

Listen to Free Oldies Music Radio Stations:

If you have a fast Internet connection, you can listen to free music from online radio stations also. You need not download the music files to your computer as you can listen to them online., Shoutcast and AOL radio services have better audio quality and music selection than many other online radio services. - Listen to Your Favorite Oldies Tracks:

The social networking tools inbuilt in can see its members' songs lists. uses this input from users and brings similar tracks which you wish to listen to. You can create your own playlists and share it with other users. It's an excellent music finder which can find songs from any online music store and you can enjoy them online for free. - Listen to Oldies Music Online for Free

Shoutcast Radio - Oldies Music Online:

This is a completely free online radio streaming music service. You can listen to oldies music from thousands of online radio stations in the Shoutcast directory. The audio quality of their tracks is generally good if you've broadband Internet connection.

Shoutcast - Listen to Oldies Music Radio for Free

AOL Music - Listen to Oldies Music Radio:

You can search the AOL music store with the name of an artist, genre or a song title. AOL radio is now powered by Slacker radio and hence you get all the features and benefits of Slacker radio also.

Free Oldies Music Radio Online

I'll add more free oldies tracks in our music store whenever available from well known artists and music companies. Please continue use this page for all your free oldies music downloads.

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