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You like country music? We've lots of free country music downloads in our store and an online mp3 player streaming country music tracks. Country music is originated as a mix form of blues music of the African Americans and folk music of the European immigrants in the southern states of the United States.

Banjos, fiddles and steel guitars are the most common musical instruments used in country music. The song structure of country music is generally simple. These songs can give you a heart touching feel as they handle themes related to real life situations.

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Our online music store contains thousands of free legal country music tracks. Some of these tracks are already in the public domain, some are royalty free tracks and the remaining holds creative commons licenses. You can legally download all of them to your computers and play them in your mobile phones or MP3 players.

We've obtained thousands of country music tracks from well known artists like Garth Brooks, George Strait, Alan Jackson, Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Anne Murray and so many other indie artists and bands from all over the world.

You may listen to some of the randomly selected royalty free country music tracks from our online music player. Experience the audio and musical quality of these tracks before downloading them to your computers.

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Want to download our entire library of music to your computers? For this, you need to install a small piece of software and get all our tracks to your computers for free. This music download software can record the audio portion of music videos from many online video sites and legally download them to your computers for free. You'll get around 12 billion media files to download including mp3 tracks, music videos and movies.

Our music downloads program uses timeshifting, format shifting and space shifting technologies to make all these downloads completely legal and in line with the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. We've made these downloads available only for your personal use. You cannot use these tracks in any commercial project as it will violate the terms of copyright laws.

We use timeshifting to record HD quality music videos from live Internet broadcasts such as YouTube. These HD videos will then be converted to 320 kbps mp3 audio files by using the format shifting technique. Then, we download these tracks to your computers by using the space shifting technology.

Also, we've a download accelerator program to make your downloads faster. It won't take more than 2 or 3 seconds for all these processes, i.e., video recording, mp3 convertion and downloading. Other than this software, we've around 4 million free legal tracks in our music store which can be used even in your commercial projects. This includes public domain music, royalty free music, tracks with creative commons licenses, copy left tracks and give away tracks from many indie artists and bands.

Free Country Music Downloads for Commercial Use:

You may install our music download software and get unlimited number of free and legal music downloads from our music store. You can use these tracks only for your personal use and cannot be used for any commercial purpose. For commercil usage, you may need to check any of the following music stores and download the tracks for a cheaper price compared to other popular music stores like iTunes or Amazon.

We've already checked the features and benefits of all these stores and recommend you only free and legal music stores which can provide you tracks for commercial purposes. All these stores offer lots of free tracks for your private use and also these tracks can be purchased for any commercial use.

ARTISTdirect - Free Country Music Downloads:

Artistdirect music portal is started in 1994. They own and the Artistdirect Network and contains a huge number of country music tracks in their stores. These websites offer lots of free and legal country music tracks. You can share these files with other members also and listen to all the tracks in their store.

Free Country Music Download from ARTISTdirect

SoundClick - Free Country Music Downloads:

This is one of the top music community store offering free country music tracks for music fans. Also, it provides artists the best tools to promote their music. Registered users can comment on any music track and share it with other people. They've a huge collection of music in almost all genres of music.

Free Country Music Tracks from SoundClick - Download Free Country Songs:

Here, you'll find free country music tracks from many unknown talents from around the world. You can search for songs and share those tracks with other members. Both artists and fans will be equally benefited as artists can promote their music and fans can listen to those tracks for free.

Free Country Songs Downloads from

Free Music Archive - Country Music Download:

Every music track on the Free Music Archive has different copyrights. They've obtained permissions from the copyright holders to make these tracks available for free download. You can legally download all these tracks for personal use, but there are some restrictions for commercial use. Here you'll get lots of popular and newly released country music tracks from well known curators.

Free Country Songs Downloads from Free Music Archive

Free Country Music Radio Stations Online:

You can listen to free country music from online radio stations also. You need only a computer and a fast Internet connection to listen to radio music online. As you may know, most of the online radio music sites do not have 320 kbps audio quality. Below online radio services have lots of tracks in 320 kbps and are better compared to many other online radio sites. - Free Country Songs Online: can capture the details of the songs you are currently listening and then suggest more tracks similar to your musical interests. They've lots of free country music tracks in their store.

Free Country Music Online from - Country Music Radio Station:

You can listen to free country music from Shoutcast radio. Shoutcast broadcasts are compatible with MP3 players, and so you can listen to music either from your Internet browser and from any MP3 player. Shoutcast music is mostly played from Winamp music player which is inbuilt in all Windows PCs. - Free Country Music Radio Station

AOL Music - Country Music Radio Online:

There're lots of new country music in the AOL store and they currently have around 2 million music tracks. They've contracts with major recording companies and labels to get license for all these tracks. Also, they've some free country music radio stations from around the world.

Country Music Online from AOL Music

I'll add more country music tracks in our music store whenever available from major music companies. Please visit this page frequently and get all our latest free country music downloads.

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