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Like to listen to African music? We are the largest African music downloads store online. You can either listen online or download all of these files for free. We've around 12 billion free legal media files ready to download to your computers, cell phones and mp3 players.

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Who is your favorite singer? We've a huge collection of free tracks from hundreds of popular African singers. Our online music store has tracks from famous singers like Salif Keita, Youssou N'Dour, Papa Wemba, Baaba Maal, Fela Kuti, Ayub Ogada, Thione Seck, Geoffrey Oryema, Johnny Dyani and many other well known artists and bands.

Enjoy listening to our online African music player. These are some of the randomly selected traditional african music tracks for you to check the musical and audio quality of our tracks. You may need to install our music download program to download our entire library of tracks.

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You can download all of our tracks to your computer for free. You can use them also in your MP3 players and mobile phones. Our music downloading software can extract the audio portion of any YouTube video file and legally download them to your computer. These are completely free and legal music downloads as we use time shifting technology to download the tracks.

It takes only 2 minutes to install the software in any computer. This software can legally convert any online video file to MP3 tracks in the highest (320 kbps) audio quality in few seconds.

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Our music download software can get you unlimited number of free and legal tracks, but can be used only for your personal use. You cannot use our tracks for any commercial purpose. We're doing this to make sure that all our music downloads are in line with the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. You may need to purchase the tracks from any other music store to use them in your commercial projects. The FMA music store has thousands of free African music downloads in their store and can also be purchased for any commercial use. These tracks are cheaper compared to other popular music download stores like iTunes and Amazon.

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FMA is an online music store with lots of free music downloads. This music store is started by the famous free radio station WFMU. Most of the music files uploaded here are published under creative commons licenses. This means you can download those files to your computers without fearing any copy right issue. But, some files can be used only for limited usage according to the type of licence associated with them.

Free Music Archive - Download Free African Music

Listen to African Music - Online Radio Stations:

If you have a fast Internet connection, you can listen to African music online. Online radio stations offer free radio streaming music without downloading the music files to your computer. has a better audio quality compared to other online radio services. Please visit to listen to free African music radio online. - Listen to African Music Radio: is a free online music radio service. It can suggest you music tracks as per your music tastes. They monitor which track you play and what you listen to and brings more tracks based on that. They've some strong social networking features like sharing the playlists with other users and seeing other people's playlists. Also, you can download some free MP3 music tracks from their website. - Listen to African Music Radio Online

I'll add more free African music in our store whenever available from major music companies. Please continue use this page for all your African music download requirements.

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