Legal Free Music Websites:

There are so many free music websites available online. Some of these sites can give you free music, but most of their tracks are copyrighted and hence you cannot use them legally as they claim. Some of them will install spyware or similar malicious programs with your music downloads. There are only very few sites which can give you completely free and legal music downloads.

Many of these websites have different business models and offer many features and benefits according to their specific business model. You need to check the features and benefits of these programs before selecting the most suitable program for you. Finding a genuine free legal music download site is really difficult now a days.

How to select the best music downloads program from so many free music websites?

You need to check the following factors for selecting a good music program. Don't just go for a music package if you are not 100% satisfied with these points:

  • Total number of tracks
  • Sound quality of the tracks (must be minimum 256 kbps)
  • Any legal issue in downloading free music from them
  • Ease of use of the software
  • File download speed
  • Any hidden charge for burning/copying the downloaded tracks
  • Any spyware, malware or viruses while downloading

If you check these factors thoroughly, MP3 Rocket is the best free music downloads program online. You will get 100% legal, unlimited and totally free music downloads for your personal use. This program uses time shifting technology to be in line with the fair use provisions under the United States music copyright laws. The total number of tracks (12 billion) and the CD quality audio (320 kbps) are the main features bringing this program to the first place in the music downloads industry.

You'll get detailed information on the features and benefits of this program from the below link. This is the largest free music downloads store with the highest audio quality. Also, you'll get the fastest free legal music downloads online.

Compare MP3 Rocket with Other Free Music Websites

MP3 Rocket - The Best Free Music Downloader:

MP3 Rocket offers 12 billion totally free and legal media files including 30,000 online movies, videos, TV channels, radio stations and games.

The total number of tracks in MP3 Rocket music store is more than the total number of tracks available in the next 5 major music stores.

The sound quality of of all your downloaded tracks will be in 320 kbps (CD quality). You may click on the following link to download the software.

You may also check the following pages to know more about different types free music programs. All of these programs are free and legal, but they offer different features and benefits according to their unique business models.

There're some free music websites featuring only public domain music tracks. These tracks are completely free and legal to download to your computers. But these are very old tracks from musicians who're already died and the copyright on these tracks are already expired. Other free music websites depend on tracks with creative commons licenses, copyleft music, royalty free music and tracks from unsigned bands.

Our music store has all the above types of tracks, plus our music download software can legally extract free mp3 tracks from online video stores. You may go through the below pages to know more about each type of legal music we've in our store.

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