Compare ccMixter Music with Our Music Download Store:

Let’s check out the features and benefits of ccMixter music store and measure it up with our music download program, Audials.

ccMixter Music Store at a Glance:

CCMixter is renowned site that endorses remixing culture. It provides access to remixes, samples, mash-ups and a cappella tracks available for downloading and re-use. CCMixter is meant for all the music lovers, producers, singers, sound designers and songwriters, who like experimenting with music to create and generate new ones.

CCMixter offers access to around 35,000 tracks with no monthly subscription fee and the downloading and sampling is absolutely free. Users can listen or create their own samples and share them with anyone, anytime and anywhere. The audio quality of the tracks varies as per the quality uploaded on the site. CCMixter is available for access from anywhere around the world.

Features of ccMixter Music Store:

  • CCMixter provides free access to music, remixes, mash-ups and a cappella tracks.
  • The music scores offered by CCMixter are free for downloading, sampling and sharing with anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • CCMixter supports both registered as well as unregistered users. Unregistered users have access to all the songs for browsing and listening purposes.
  • The registered users have added advantage of creating playlist and downloading it to music players. They can select favourites, leave reviews and interact with the forum, etc. Moreover, registered users also have the liberty to upload their own music, cut-ups of other performers and go round the libraries.
  • The scores are available for downloading are of varied audio quality.
  • The formats supported by CCMixter are- MP3, AU, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, MIDI, WMA and Zip.
  • CCMixter offers convenient browsing with the help of segregation of music under following sub-heads: Picks, Remixes, Samples, A Cappellas, and People (performers listed in chronological order).
  • Free application for iPad and iPhone is available allowing users to browse, stream and download songs.

Benefits with ccMixter Music Store:

  • Unlimited and free access to the 35,000 tracks made available to the user without any monthly subscription fee.
  • The music scores offered by CCMixter are free for browsing, downloading, sampling and sharing purposes.
  • Registered users have the liberty to upload their own music, cut-ups of other performers and go round the libraries.
  • CCMixter offers convenient browsing because of segregation of music under 5 different sub-heads.

Limitations of ccMixter Music Store:

  • CCMixter has a limited collection of music scores.
  • CCMixter is available for music downloads and does not offer downloading of movies, TV shows and games etc.
  • The audio quality of the scores cannot be controlled.
  • The activity of managing and controlling the order of playlist according to the user’s interests is not very user friendly.

Compare ccMixter Music with Audials:

  • Audials has around 10 million media files including 4 million creative commons music files, whereas ccMixter has only 35,000 tracks
  • Audials music tracks can be used for your personal private use only whereas ccMixter tracks can be used even in commercial projects with a proper credit back to the artist
  • Audials download is much faster than ccMixter as you get music directly from our dedicated music servers
  • Audials offers access to songs, videos, movies, TV shows and games, whereas, CCMixter offers access to music scores.
  • All music scores are free to download in Audials which is same as in CCMixter.

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
ccMixter 35,000 Free Free No Bit rate varies Everywhere