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Like to listen to Japanese music? You'll find thousands of traditional Japanese music downloads in our music store. You can either listen to them online or download all of the tracks to your computers for free.

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We've thousands of free legal music tracks from top Japanese singers. We've obtained lots of tracks from popular singers like Utada Hikaru, Gackt, Sakamoto Ryuichi, Hamasaki Ayumi, Shiina Ringo, Bonnie Pink, Amuro Namie, Yoshiki Hayashi, Yumi Yoshimura, Shimatani Hitomi, Matsumoto Hideto, Hotei, Tomoyasu and many other independent artists and bands. We're sure that you'll enjoy the quality of our music tracks.

Please listen to some of our randomly selected royalty free Japnese music tracks from our music player. You may install our music download software and download all our tracks if you're completely satisfied with the audio and musical quality of these tracks.

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Want to download our entire music library to your computer? We've over 4 million free songs in our database which you can legally download to your computers for free. Also, our music download software can get you around 12 billion free legal YouTube music downloads.

As you know, there are so many music videos on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, MySpace, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc. Do you want to legally extract the audio files from these music videos and play them on your mobile phones or MP3 players? Our software can legally convert online video files to MP3 files and play them directly from your computer or portable MP3 player devices.

We use time shifting technology to make all our downloads completely legal in line with the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. Please note that these downloads are only for your personal private use and cannot be used for any commercial project.

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Music downloads from our online store can be used only for your personal use. You cannot use them in any commercial project as it will violate the fair use provisions of the copyright laws. You may use any of the following stores to get music for your commercial projects.

Free Music Archive - Free Japanese Music Downloads:

This store is designed mainly for artists to advertise their works and music lovers can listen to these tracks online or download them from the store. Artists get more exposure for their works while you listen to the music. Each and every free music file listed here has a link to its artists' home page. You can listen to Japanese music and see other works of these artists while browsing through the artist profiles. This is a free and legal platform for downloading music even for commercial use. Also, you can share music with other users without any legal issue. They've lyrics and MP3 files for several popular Japanese folk songs like Sakura, Hina Matsuri and Kojo no Tsuki.

Free Music Archive - Free Japanese Music Downloads 

Listen to Japanese Music - Online Radio Services:

If you have a fast Internet connection, you can listen to online streaming music rather than searching for files and download them to your computer. and Shoutcast radios offer lots of traditional Japanese music in good audio and musical quality. - Listen to Japanese Music Online: has one of the biggest MP3 catalog online with some strong social networking features. You can enter the name of your favorite artist and start listening to Japanese music. Also, you can see all information on each artist with their bio, photos, tour dates etc. Once you listen to some music from, they can suggest you more music based on the tracks you are listening now. - Listen to Japanese Radio Music 

Shoutcast - Free Japanese Music Radio:

Shoutcast radio provides free Japanese radio music in good bit rate quality. You'll get more than 50,000 free radio stations from around the world. You'll find almost all genres of music in any world language. You can use the Shoutcast radio website to listen to all their tracks. iTunes program can capture the Shoutcast music for you if you are a Mac user. It's compatible for both MAC and Windows systems.

Shoutcast - Listen to Japanese Music Radio

I'll add more Japanese music tracks whenever available from major music companies. Please continue using this page for all your Japanese music download requirements. 

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