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You like easy listening music? Here you'll find free easy listening music online from our online music player and easy listening music downloads our store.

Easy listening tracks are made up mostly of instrumentals and a little bit of vocals. These tracks can give you a relaxing and soothing feel. These are light and relaxing melodies which anyone can enjoy. Easy listening music can be used as background music in shopping malls, elevators, restaurants, airports etc.

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Want to download your favorite easy listening tracks to your computer? We've thousands of free legal easy listening tracks from popular singers like Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Dionne Warwick, Bill Kenny, Astrud Gilberto, Matt Monro, Ray Conniff and many other well known artists and bands.

We provide you only free and completely legal tracks from our online music store. You can download all of these tracks to your computers without fearing copyright issues. Please listen to some of our royalty free easy listening music online before installing our music download software.

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Our music download software can get you free legal music tracks in many different music genres. As you know, video websites like YouTube contains a huge collection of music videos. But, how can you legally download music from them? Using time shifting, format shifting and space shifting  technologies, our mp3 download software can legally download music files from YouTube in line with the fair use provisions of the United States copyright laws. This comes around 12 billion media files including music, videos, movies, TV/radio channels and games.

Also, we've around 4 million creative commons tracks in our music store which can be legally downloaded to your computers for free. All these tracks are stored in our dedicated cloud servers and hence your downloads will be really fast. Also, all these tracks are in the highest audio quality, i.e., 320 kbps. Other than the creative commons tracks, we've lots of royalty free, public domain and copyleft tracks which can also be downloaded to your computers without fearing any copyright issue.

Get 4 million legal music downloads from our music store and around 12 billion media files from YouTube and other similar online video resources.

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Why do you go to any other music store if our music download software can give you all the necessary tracks? All our music downloads are completely free and 100% legal to download to your computers. You can use all these tracks for any of your personal use. But, you cannot use them for any commercial purpose, like playing them on stage for a music show.

For the commercial use of any music track, you may need to obtain the required copyrights from the respective copyright owners. You may use the Free Music Archive (FMA) store to obtain easy listening tracks for your commercial projects. Most of their tracks are completely free for your personal use and also can be purchased for any commercial purpose. These tracks are cheaper compared to other popular music stores like iTunes or Amazon.

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The Free Music Archive (FMA) provides legal easy listening music downloads from well known artists. Here, you'll get also online streaming music from the WFMU radio station. Lots of these tracks from well known artists are published under creative commons licenses. Some of them can be downloaded for free and some can be used for commercial purpose also.  Artists retain some rights on their works even if listeners can download these tracks for free.

Free Music Archive - Free Easy Listening Music Downloads

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You can listen to free easy listening music from online radio stations also. The only requirement is that you need a broadband Internet connection to listen to online radio music. As you may know, the streaming speed and the audio quality of many of the online radio services are not that good. Online radio is a good choice if you don't need to download the tracks and only want to listen to them online. - Free Easy Listening Music Online: is basically a music search and recommendation tool. It's very easy to use and there are lots of easy listening music tracks in their music store. Also, they've a music recommendation tool which can bring you millions of free easy listening music online which you love to listen to. - Free Easy Listening Music Radio

Shoutcast - Free Easy Listening Music Radio:

Shoutcast is a free audio streaming service. Anyone can broadcast mp3 tracks from their PCs and then other Shoutcast users can listen to those broadcasts using Winamp or any other music player. This service is entirely different from which makes music recommendations based on users' preferences. Shoutcast has their own tool to determine the songs you would be interested to listen.

Shoutcast - Free Easy Listening Music Online

I'll add more easy listening music tracks in our music store whenever available from major music companies. Please visit this page frequently and get all our latest free easy listening music downloads.

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