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You like dance music? Here you'll find all top dance music tracks available online. We are the largest online dance music downloads store. We've thousands of free dance music tracks in many different music genres. You can either download them to your computers or listen to some of these tracks online from our online music player.

Dance music is music which accompanies various forms of dances. These tracks often carry the name of the dance form they're made for. We've various types of tracks made for different dance forms such as disco, club dance, square dances, baroque, swing, opera, bolero, ballads, foxtrot, hustle, tap, hip hop, contra dances, house, trance, techno, folk, ballet, tango, waltz, samba, salsa, milonga, belly, bhangra, country, western, latin, merengue, Indian, Persian, cumbia, dance suits, minuet, jazz, modern, flamenco, bossa nova, cha cha, mambo, rumba, polka etc.

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Our online music store has hundreds of free legal dance music tracks in 320 kbps audio quality. This includes tracks from popular artists like Lady Gaga, Moby, Jes, Robyn, Mylo, Cher, Britney Spears, Luciano Pavarotti, Kylie Minogue, Hikaru Utada, Cyndi Lauper and so many other well known artists from all over the world. Also, we have secured some free legal tracks from bands like Prodigy, Bee Gees, Boney M and ABBA. Copyrights of all these tracks come mainly under 3 categories. Some of them are in public domain, some are royalty free tracks and the majority of them hold creative commons licenses.

We've already paid the royalty fee for all these tracks and hence you can legally download all of them to your computers and play them on your mobile phones or MP3 players. Listen to some of the top dance music tracks from our online music player.

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Want to make music CDs for your car or home television? You can use all of our tracks for your personal use. All these tracks are in 320 kbps audio quality and are compatible for iPads, iPods, android phones, MP3 players and CD players. We assure you 100% satisfaction guarantee with all the downloads from our online music store.

We've legally recorded around 12 billion media files from live Internet broadcasts like YouTube. You'll be able to download all these tracks to your computers by installing a small piece of music downloading software. We use time shifting technology to make all our downloads completely legal for your personal use. Please note that you cannot use these tracks for any commercial purpose as it will violate the copyright laws.

Top Dance Music Radio Stations Online:

You can listen to free dance music radio stations if you have a fast Internet connection. As you may know, the audio quality of most of the online radio services are not 320 kbps. The advantage is, you can play music without downloading the tracks to your computer. Below are some of the top dance music radio stations with above par audio quality. - Free Dance Music Radio Station: is a free online radio service with over 12 million music tracks from popular and indie artists from around the world. Most of these tracks can be streamed directly from the website for free. has lots of free dance music downloads also in their music store.

Online Dance Songs from

Shoutcast - Dance Music Radio Station:

You can use Shoutcast radio for listening to free online dance music. Also, they've many dance music videos in their directory. It's not a music recommendation service as, but streams live radio music from thousands of online radio stations. You'll find almost all dance music styles from the US and all over the world in many different languages.

Shoutcast - Top Dance Music Radio Station

Free Dance Songs from AOL Music:

AOL free music service gives you live dance music streaming, but with some audio advertisements. AOL radio music is now operated by Slacker radio with a better user interface and on demand streaming.

Free Dance Songs from AOL Music

I'll add more dance music tracks in our store whenever available from top recording labels and major music companies. You can continue use this page for all your dance music downloads requirements.

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