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You like blues music? We're the largest free blues music store online. You can either listen to the tracks from the below online music player or download the tracks to your computer by installing our music download software.

Blues music is originated in the Southern parts of the United States. Most of these songs are about the sorrows the African American people sufferred in the 19th century. The general mood of this music genre is sadness and depression. Initially, blues music was accompanied with banjo and acoustic guitar and then started using electric guitar in 1940s. After the civil war era, blues music became popular among the white audience also. These songs can give you a relaxing mood and is one of the most popular music genre Today.

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We've obtained a good collection of free and legal blues music downloads from popular blues artists like B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Bessie Smith, John Lee Hooker, Otis Rush, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Duke Ellington and so many other indie artists from all over the world. Also, we've lots of tracks with creative commons licenses and royalty free license. You can download all of them without fearing any legal issues.

You may listen to some of our randomly selected royalty free blues music from here and experience the sound quality of the tracks for yourself.

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Want to download all of our tracks to your computers for free? Our MP3 music download software can get you 4 million tracks from our music store and around 12 billion free music tracks from online video sites like YouTube. Our music download software can legally extract the audio portion of any online video and download them to your computers for free.

Our music download software can legally record audio portion of any music video and then convert them to MP3 files. You can download all of these files to your computers for free. We use time shifting technology to legally download unlimited number of free music tracks to your computers, MP3 players and cell phones. You can use these tracks for all your personal requirements. But, you cannot use them for any commercial purpose as it will violate the fair use provisions of the copyright laws.

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There're so many free blues music stores available online. You may install our music download software to get free legal tracks for your personal use. If you need blues music tracks for commercial use, then you may need to check any of the following music stores. We've already checked all the features and benefits with these stores before recommending for you.

Soundclick - Free Blues Songs Downloads:

Soundclick has lots of blues music tracks in its database. Many unsigned blues bands and indie artists are registered with Soundclick to promote their music. They've millions of registered users world wide and increasing their use base day by day. Online music lovers can enjoy free online blues music from all music bands featured here. You can purchase these tracks for a comparatively cheaper price for any commercial project. Soundclick is a win-win idea for both blues artists and blues music lovers.

Free Blues Music Downloads from Soundclick

MadeLoud - Free Download Blues Music:

Register with MadeLoud and enjoy tons of free blues music tracks. You can register as a music fan or an artist. Artists can upload their music and fans can review, listen or share these tracks with other people. You can copy them to CDs or portable music players as all of these files are in DRM free MP3 format. Also, you can purchase some tracks to be used as ringtones, music CDs and some merchandise from the artists, if you wish. You can play only the preview of a track if it's for sale. You'll be able to preview and download any track, if it's free.

Free Blues Songs Downloads Online

Free Music Archive - Blues Music Downloads:

You can download blues music from the Free Music Archive store free of cost. Some of these tracks are copyrighted and some are copyright free. Still, you can download all of them legally for your personal use. All of these tracks have a link to their respective artist home page and so you can visit those pages and know more details about those artists and their works. You're getting more music downloads and artists get more exposure for their works. Artists get paid when someone download their works for commercial use.

Blues Music Downloads for Free

Free Blues Music Radio Stations Online:

If you have a fast Internet connection, you can listen to online blues music from any online radio station. In this case, you need not download the music files to your computer, you can listen to them online. As you know, the audio quality of online radio stations are not always 320 kbps, but the below radio programs are really worth to check. - Listen to Blues Music Online:

Enjoy blues music from radio. Just type the name of an artist, it will take you to the respective artist's page containing a list of similar tracks/artists. If you want you can listen to their music also. music/artist recommendations are made by their inbuilt software named scrobbler.

Listen to Blues Music Online

Shoutcast - Free Blues Songs Radio:

Shoutcast service broadcasts live blues music from many diffent online blues radio stations and you can listen to them free of cost. Also, you can create your own radio stations. For this, you need only a high speed Internet connection and a computer. Login to Shoutcast and start listening to your favorite radio station.

Free Blues Songs Radio

AOL Music - Free Blues Music Radio:

AOL radio music has a higher audio quality than other online radio services. Also, they've lyrics, albums, reviews etc., with their 200 radio stations. AOL radio stations are powered by Slacker radio and thus got some powerful features to make it a better streaming free blues music service.

Blues Music Downloads for Free

I'll add new blues music tracks in our music store whenever available from major music companies. Please visit this page frequently and get all our latest free blues music downloads.

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