Free Public Domain Music Sites:

Free public domain music can be legally downloaded for free as there is no copyright claim on that particular work. Or, a particular work is in public domain once the copyright claims on that file is expired.

You can use these music files legally for home use or commercial use without any copyright restriction. Following are the main public domain music sites contributing free legal tracks to our music store. These tracks are 100% legal and hence can be downloaded to your computers without fearing any copyright issue.

You can either visit all of these sites separately or install our music download software to get unlimited legal access to our music store from where you'll get free music downloads from all of the following websites together.

1. - Free Public Domain Music Store:

Musopen is an open music store providing free music resources for the general public. They've a huge collection of recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free. All these music files are 100% legal and free to download without copyright issues. Also, you can share these music files with other people. You can search the entire database by performer, composer, instrument or period. This music store contains a variety of free public domain sheet music and MP3 music. Also, you can download classical instrumental music and vocal music in MP3 format.

Musopen - Public Domain Music Store


This online music archive contains more than 1 million free MP3 music files to download legally. Also, they've old time concerts, radio shows and audio books. Almost all of these files are available for free download. You'll find tons of free classical, jazz, rock, electronic and many other categories of music here. You can use them in video, film or multimedia projects for free of cost.

Internet Archive of Free Public Domain Music

3. Classical Archive:

Classical Archive is designed for classical music lovers. They've the biggest collection of free classical music and MIDI files. You can listen to around 1 million files or purchase them in MP3 format. Here, you will find 14,000 composers and 56,000 artists registered from over 290 recording labels. Also, all MP3 files are in the highest sound quality possible, i.e., 320 kbps.

Classical Music in Public Domain


This is a great place for free public domain sheet music. Many online volunteers have been converting public domain sheet music to digital music and adding to this great collection. Many music students are using them as part of their study. Most of these works are created by great composers such as Brahms and Beethoven.

Public Domain Sheet Music


Mutopia is a great source for free public domain sheet music. You can search the entire database by selecting a composer or instrument. These works include works by Bach, Chopin, Handel, Beethoven, Mozart and many others. All these files can be freely downloaded, modified, performed, recorded and distributed without copyright issues. You can print the sheet music in PDF format. Also, you can modify the source files and make your own versions.

Public Domain Sheet Music - Classical


The IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) music store has thousands of public domain sheet music. You can search the entire database by composer name or the year a work is created. IMSLP makes music free and easily available for everyone.

Free Public Domain Music Site

I'll add more free public domain music sites on this page whenever available online. You can continue use this page for all your public domain music requirements. Or, you may visit our music download store to get unlimited legal access to around 12 billion music tracks in different music genres.

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