Free Legal Music Download Sites for Commercial Use:

There are many different types of free legal music download sites available online. Are you looking for completely free and legal music download resources for any commercial use?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. We have categorized these sites based on the copyright type of the tracks they offer. These types of sites generally offer (1) public domain music, (2) creative commons music, (3) copy left music, (4) royalty free music and (5) tracks from unsigned music bands.

For commercial usage, you need to either purchase the tracks from any commercial music store or get it from these types of copy right free websites. Popular commercial music stores like iTunes are legal, and so free from copyright issues. But, the cost for downloading per track is about a dollar. It's okay if you are buying only one or two tracks, but the cost will be too much if you want more tracks or albums. Below legal music download sites can provide you with alternative free legal music even for your commercial projects.

We have created separate pages for each of the above mentioned 5 copyright types. In this page, we will discuss about creative commons music and copy left music. The only downside of these types of music is that they're not the latest ones, majority are very old files.

Creative Commons Legal Music Downloads:

Other than public domain music files, there are music services which use "creative commons" license to set their music free. Jamendo and ccmixter come under this category.

Creative Commons license allows you to download those music files even for your commercial projects. If you want to share these files with other people, you just need to mention the author's name or website address while publishing them.

Jamendo - Free Legal Music Download Site:

Jamendo is one of the popular free legal music download sites. It is available in 7 languages and provides free legal music downloads under creative commons license. All music files on Jamendo are registered through creative commons license and therefore you can download and share all of these files with other people. Also, you can edit the original files and use them even for commercial purposes based on the specific copyright mentioned in the creative commons license.

You can use these files for either personal or commercial projects, or both. You can find lots of free music for your videos, movies or other projects. Majority of the files require only an attribution to the author or his website. From Jamendo you can listen to full albums, other sites will give you only 30 sec previews. It's a good place for artists also as they can publish, share and promote their music here.

It hosts around half million songs in MP3 format. All these DRM free files can be easily copied to your MP3 players or storage mediums without any copyright restriction. Also, you can preview the full tracks or albums before downloading to your computer.

Jamendo - One of the Popular Free Legal Music Download Sites - Free Legal Music Download Site:

This is a great music remixing site. They've lots of remixes and samples licensed under creative commons licenses. Ccmixter is recognized as one of the best free legal music download sites providing quality music for films. Its quality of music and video is very good. You are free to download and share the music with anyone. Some tracks might have certain restrictions, which are marked clearly to avoid any confusion. Also, they provide royalty free music for any of your projects including video, school projects or games.

Ccmixter - Free Legal Music Downloads Site for Films 

Copyleft Free Legal Music Download Sites: comes under this category. Copyleft type license ensures that a music file is always available for free download. Opsound is a record label working based on an open source, copyleft model. It is a free software experiment in the music field. Artists can add their work to the Opsound pool using a copyleft license and listeners can download, share, and remix all its music files.

Opsound - Copyleft Free Legal Music Download Site

I'll add more free legal music download sites here whenever available online. Please continue use this page for all your free commercial music download requirements.

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