Free Music Sites - Music from Unsigned Music Bands:

There are so many free music sites available online. How do you choose one from them? This completely depends on your specific music requirement. You've come to the right place if you are looking for some free tracks to use in your commercial projects. There are so many unsigned music bands who offer some of their tracks for free as a way to promote their music.

Usually bands create music and register with any record label to distribute their music. There are so many unsigned music bands who haven't registered with any record label as they don't have enough funds to do so. These unsigned music bands give away some of their tracks to advertise their music and to attract more people. Following music stores save all these tracks in their database and you can download all of them for free.

We've got all these tracks in our music store as these stores are already registered with us. You can either visit these stores one by one or install our music download software to get access to all of these tracks together from our music store. Following are the major free music stores hosting works of indie artists and bands.

1. Nine Inch Nails - One of the Popular Free Music Sites:

Nine Inch Nails offers lots of free tracks in the industrial rock genre. It is founded by Trent Reznor in Ohio. He is doing all the works for this project by himself. He is a singer, director, producer and a multi-instrumentalist, he is getting only concert support from a backing band.

NIN - Free Music Site for Unsigned Bands and Indie Artists

2. Purevolume - Music Community for Indie Artists:

Purevolume is a community based music site where you can upload your own files and enjoy other users' music. Their main objective is to promote indie artists and bands. Artists can upload their works and you can enjoy those files. Many record labels are registered with Purevolume to promote their music. This allows many music bands and labels to get their music to more listeners.

Purevolume - Music Community for Indie Artists

3. Myspace - Millions of Free MP3 Music Downloads:

Myspace is one of the most popular free music sites and have millions of free MP3 music downloads in their library. Myspace allows artists to upload their own works. Unsigned music bands and indie artists use Myspace to post and sell their music. They've some improved social networking features like, detailed artist profiles and links to other works by the same artist etc., making it one of the top free music site on the Web.

Myspace - Millions of Free MP3 Music Downloads

4. Soundclick - Free Music Site for Unsigned Bands and Indie Artists:

Soundclick is one of the top free music community with indie artists and unsigned bands. Music bands, artists, and record labels get a common platform for self promotion and advertising. Here, you can listen to online streaming music or downloaded them in MP3 format. They offer profile pages with MP3 tracks, photos and videos.

Soundclick - A Popular Free Music Site

There are so many new bands and unsigned bands contributing free music to our music store. I'll keep on adding more unsigned bands and sites in our store who can provide you free music downloads. Currently we've around 12 billion free music tracks in our store. Please visit our music store now and get all our latest tracks.

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