Compare Google Music with Our Music Download Store:

Here, we'll check the features and benefits of the Google music store and compare it with our music program Audials.

Google Music Store at a Glance:

Google Play Music is the online music store from Google. This is part of the Google Play "All Access" service which offers also android applications, movies, TV channels, games, books and magazines other than music. They've around 20 million tracks in their store. All these tracks are in 320 kbps audio quality, which is the highest available audio quality online. Also, they provide you with a free online storage space for upto 20,000 songs. You'll be able to play them back from all iOS and android phones and all web browsers.

All these tracks can be listened online or downloaded to your computers with a monthly subscription. Or, you can purchase single tracks for a starting price of $0.69. You can preview any track for 90 seconds before making a purchase decision. Also, they've a 30 day free trial for you to check all these features.

Features of Google Music Store:

  • Free online digital locker to save up to 20,000 songs - You can use this space to save all your Google music files and also your personal music collection from other sources.
  • On-demand music streaming service - You'll be able to search for any music by the song name, artist name or genre and play them as you wish. As you know, you'll not be able to skip a song while you listen to an online radio music service. But, here you can skip any number of songs from the play list and listen only to your favorite tracks.
  • You'll be able to save all your favorite tracks to listen later when you're off line.
  • All these tracks can be played from iOS, android and all web browsers.
  • Google play "All Access" is a digital platform for many products like android applications, music, movies, TV shows, games, books and magazines. Also, they've some hardware products and accessories like Chromebooks, nexus mobiles and Chromecasts listed here.
  • There're many songs available for free download.
  • Easy access to all your favorite tracks - "Listen Now" tab on the main menu can play your favorite tracks and your saved play lists.
  • Google can recognize your musical preferences and recommend more tracks as per your musical interests. They'll check which music tracks you listen to the most and then recommend more tracks based on that. Also, they use YouTube trends and your personal music library to identify your musical tastes. You can click like or dislike any of the playing tracks so that Google can understand your musical preferences further and plays more tracks based on that.
  • All their play lists are carefully created by experienced staff at Google.

Benefits with Google Music Store:

  • Pay per download and monthly subscriptions plans - You can purchase any of the track by paying a starting price of $0.69, or you get access to their entire library of 20 Million tracks by paying $9.99 monthly.
  • On-demand streaming - No need to listen to all the recommended tracks which Google music shows you. You can skip any number of tracks and listen to only the tracks you wish to listen. Or, you can search for a song by its name or artist's name or genre and play that track.
  • All your music tracks are in 320 kbps audio quality.
  • Free online storage space for 20,000 songs.

Limitations of Google Music Store:

  • Google Play Music is currently available only in 21 countries.
  • Google Play "All Access" service is not compatible with iPads and iPhones.


  • Google Play Music monthly subscription costs you $9.99/month
  • Single tracks are priced at $0.69, $0.99 and $1.29
  • You may go for the 30 day free trial and check all the features for yourself before paying $9.99 a month

Compare Google Music with Audials:

  • Audials has around 10 million music tracks in its store. Also, it can extract 12 billion media files from live Internet broadcasts. On the other hand, Google Play Music has 20 million tracks in its store.
  • Google Play Music is currently available only in 21 countries including Australia, United Kingdom, United States and some European countries, while Audials is available everywhere.
  • Audials music can be downloaded for your personal, private use only, whereas Google music can be used even in commercial projects.
  • All Audials music files are free to download whereas Google Play music single track price starts at $0.69.
  • Audials download is much faster than Google Music as you get music directly from our dedicated cloud servers.

Service No. MP3 Tracks Subscription Price Price/Track Movies/TV/Radio/Games Audio quality Regional availability
Audials 10 Million Free Free Yes 320 kbps Everywhere
Google Play 20 Million $9.99/Month $0.69, $0.99 or $1.29 Yes 320 kbps 21 countries